spn french 320 'Supernatural' Season 7: More meta, says Sera GambleIt doesn’t get more meta than Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles playing Sam and Dean playing Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles… or does it?

“Supernatural” showrunner Sera Gamble says that we haven’t seen the last of the series’ meta episodes. The CW series has always embraced meta, going as far as introducing an actual fandom within the universe of the show (in “Monster at the End of This Book”), sending the boys to a convention full of their fans (in “The Real Ghostbusters”) and then shipping them off to Vancouver where they had to pretend to be Jared and Jensen on-set with Misha Collins for an episode (“The French Mistake”). There was even an episode in which the Winchesters were stuck on various TV shows, from a “Grey’s Anatomy”-esque medical drama to a multi-cam sitcom.

The episodes have always been divisive ones – fans tend to either love them or hate them. Gamble says we may be in for even more meta in the upcoming Season 7.

“We have not put the kibosh on meta,” Gamble tells TVLine. “It’s completely about somebody pitching a story that would work
for us.”

They’d have to dig pretty deep to out-meta “The French Mistake,” which brought back former guest star and Padalecki’s real life wife Genevieve Cortese to play herself. “We set a pretty high bar, but hey, I thought we were
never going to be able to do meta again long before ‘The French
Mistake,'” Gamble says. “And then that got pitched, and we had to do it, of course. I
wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in Season 7 or beyond, someone
pitches something that enables us to do a fun episode like that again.”

Weigh in, “Supernatural” fans. Do you think the meta episodes are too gimmicky, or are you dying for more? How do you think they could go about besting “The French Mistake”? Let us know in the comments section below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie