spn dj qualls party on 'Supernatural' Season 8: D.J. Qualls returns as GarthSupernatural‘s” demon-hunting brothers may have lost pretty much everyone they know (including each other, when the season begins after a year’s time jump) but there’s one person who isn’t going anywhere any time soon: Garth.

The hilarious (but surprisingly intuitive) hunter, played by D.J. Qualls, will be bringing sexy back to the show in Season 8.

“A week from today, I’m heading back to Vancouver to play with my buddies [Jared] and Jensen. Some exciting stuff in that ep. Can’t wait,” Qualls tweeted, teasing that he returns to the show “in the most awesome way.”

Warner Bros. confirms that Garth will return in Episode 806 — but they’re not giving us any more information. (Trust us, we tried.) “Supernatural” returns to The CW on Wednesday, Oct. 3 for a 23-episode eighth season.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie