supernatural castiel human 'Supernatural' Season 9 premiere: Misha Collins, EP Jeremy Carver preview 'radically different' Castiel, Dean's big secret and more

With an hour as epic as “Supernatural’s” Season 8 finale — ending with thousands of angels falling to earth in a fiery blaze — it might be difficult to keep that momentum going in the following season premiere. Executive producer Jeremy Carver knew exactly how to begin Season 9  — which kicks off Tuesday (Oct. 8) — without losing that epic feel: Show the fallout in a character-driven way.

“You never want to say that it’s going to be not as epic, but that was a pretty big end to the season. I think the way to make that resonate would be to have the early parts of Season 9 deal with the fallout of the epic event,” Carver tells Zap2it. “The best way to really make that take hold is with a character-driven approach in that we’re watching all our characters across the spectrum deal with the events of the finale and the ramifications.”

So what kind of consequences will Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Cas have to deal with as a result of The Fall? How about a bunch of pissed-off angels? “We’ll see all kinds of angels — angels we never expected to see, angels that no angels ever expected to see,” Carver says. “And the angels won’t be one monolithic thing. We’ll see lots of different types of angels, all very power-driven. And all that while we’re watching a lot of turmoil in hell with Crowley [Mark Sheppard]. It feels right, where we’re picking up. Not every episode will have thousands of angels falling from the sky, but it’s equally as epic.”

Misha Collins, who plays the newly humanized angel Castiel, agrees that the Season 9 premiere is equally as epic as the Season 8 finale. “I think the setup of the season is really great. We’re starting hitting the ground running, which is a really good premise,” Collins says. “Basically these really powerful angels and the demons we’ve already been dealing with are out to get us, and that’s a very formidable foe. That sets things up nicely.”

However, one of the biggest obstacles this season will come from inside Team Free Will itself. “The secret that Dean is keeping from Sam is a really big deal,” Collins teases. “Cas doesn’t even know what Dean’s secret is. And then Cas dealing with his new humanity is a really big deal so we have this big arc that’s really cool and personal arcs that are really cool. I think it’s going to be one of the best, maybe top two of the best seasons.”

Since Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) stole Castiel’s grace — his angel essence — in the Season 8 finale, Cas he will have to learn how to be a human, both physically and emotionally. “We’ve had really great scripts so far and I’m looking forward to getting to play that. From the beginning when I started playing this character and it looked like it might get some legs, I have been hoping that I’ll get to do this,” Collins says. “There was a brief moment in Season 5 where Cas lost his powers and had to act human, but it wasn’t dealing with the emotional damage of being human. It was just a powerless angel, and what we’re doing now is very different. We’re going to actually going to have him learn what it’s like to be human, what it’s like to have lustful feelings and be hungry and be cold and all that messy stuff.”

Carver promises that being human will significantly affect Cas. “I think you’re going to see that Cas is not fundamentally different character-wise from the Castiel that we know, but I think he will be fundamentally different in how he’s affected by things he never thought would happen because he’s never had to deal with them before, a.k.a. everything that goes with being human,” Carver says. “The emotions, being hungry, being thirsty, needing money, all these things. So you’ll see that Cas is not going to be a radically different character, but what will be radically different is his nature of existence is being forced to the front.”

Since he lost all his angelic powers, that means his relationship with the Winchesters will also be affected, and we’ll see that as early as Tuesday’s premiere, when Cas can’t come to Dean’s aid. “It’s sort of cool seeing their relationship be more about a friendship and less about ‘What can you, Cas, do for us, Winchesters?'” Collins says. “But also, now Cas is human, so when he makes a mistake it’s not going to be as catastrophic as it used to be. So maybe they won’t have cause to be angry with him. It will be harder for him to cause all the angels to fall from heaven.”

As for all those fallen angels, don’t expect them to forgive Cas giving them the boot from heaven — even though Metatron tricked him into doing it. “The angels are out to get him. They are pissed off,” Collins warns. “We’re still talking about Metatron but I don’t know where he is. I don’t know if we’re going to see him again.”

In addition to dealing with all the heavenly drama, the Winchesters also still have captive Crowley … and even though Sam didn’t finish his trial to cure Crowley of being a demon, there will be residual effects. Will they last? “That’s one of those burning questions we want to leave unanswered right now,” Carver says. “Crowley was affected by those trials, and I don’t think he’s particularly happy that he was affected. And watching him reconcile that is one of the fun things about this season.”

“Supernatural” Season 9 premieres at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday, Oct. 8 on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum