supernatural crowley bobby kiss 'Supernatural' sneak peek: Crowley and Bobby's demonic make out sessionBobby’s soul is on the line on Thursday’s (May 6) “Supernatural” episode, “Two Minutes to Midnight.” Crowley (Mark Sheppard), everybody’s favorite demon (at least since Ruby was introduced to the wrong end of her own knife), is back, and as usual he’s not keeping his mouth to himself.

In order to get Death’s coordinates, Bobby (Jim Beaver) sells his soul to Crowley. We’re thinking this may not have been his smartest move. Crowley has deceived Sam
and Dean in the past to further his own agenda, so when he promises to
give Bobby his soul back eventually, we’re not sure we can believe him.
Hasn’t Bobby learned his lesson about trusting demons yet?

Per “Supernatural” lore, deals with demons have to be sealed in a particularly intimate manner. Sam (Jared Padalecki) asks the question on everybody’s mind: “Did you kiss him? Just wondering!”

Bobby can deny it all he wants… an iPhone photo doesn’t lie.

In March, Jim Beaver told Zap2it that in the Season 5 finale, “Bobby ends up pretty much worse-off than anybody’s ever seen him.”  With only one week to go before the apocalyptic showdown, we’re starting to get nervous!

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