supernatural sam dean graveyard 'Supernatural' sneak peek: Will Sam say yes to Lucifer?These just-released photos from the “Supernatural” Season 5 finale, titled “Swan Song,” don’t bode well for Sam and Dean’s already precarious relationship. Though the brothers Winchester may have exchanged heartfelt apologies, stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles already told us that Sam and Dean come to blows before the end of the season. “Rock bottom,” Padalecki teased. By the looks of it, the confrontation may occur in this graveyard in the season finale.

Of course, given the nature of this season, it’s entirely possible that it’s not actually Sam and Dean who are fighting, but Lucifer and Michael. In the photograph below, Sam looks suspiciously angst-free. Could he finally have said yes to the condescendingly calm fallen angel? The picture of Dean with his hand extended could very well be Michael, tapping into arch-angel power.

supernatural finale jared 'Supernatural' sneak peek: Will Sam say yes to Lucifer?

supernatural finale dean 'Supernatural' sneak peek: Will Sam say yes to Lucifer?

If Sam does indeed say yes to Lucifer, could that mean that Mark Pellegrino’s time on “Supernatural” is over? If so, we’ll miss seeing his slowly rotting face on our screens. His eerily quiet demeanor even freaked out his co-stars.

“His performances this year [have been] so nice and creepy, kind of calm and cool. He gives me the willies,” Padalecki said at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to “Supernatural” event in March. We love the shot below, with Pellegrino as Lucifer contemplating iconic image of the devils’s pitchfork.

supernatural finale lucifer 'Supernatural' sneak peek: Will Sam say yes to Lucifer?

The finale doesn’t air until May 13. In the meantime, fans can check out the promo spot for the remaining three episodes below, featuring the most threatening of all four horsemen: Death himself.

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