supernatural 806 southern comfort garth dean sam 'Supernatural' spoilers: Castiel's escape from Purgatory and more“Supernatural” got off to a bit of a controversial start this season, and things are only going to grow more intense (and just plain tense) as we approach the holiday season. With Sam and Dean at odds over Sam’s desire for a “normal” life, Castiel’s whereabouts unknown, and Kevin Tran on the lam from the Winchesters, there’s a lot of road to cover. Here are six things you can expect from the upcoming episodes.

1. Sam meets Benny. Dean’s vampire friend Benny gets himself into some trouble and has to call Dean for help — and Dean immediately takes off to come to his assistance. Unfortunately, he only drags Dean into the mess with him, and they end up needing a bail-out from Sam. We’re guessing Sam’s going to be pretty surprised to find out who Dean was palling around with in Limbo.

2. Garth! D.J. Qualls will return in the Nov. 7 episode, when Sam and Dean head to Missouri (the state, not the awesome character from Season 1) to investigate an avenging ghost. Dean will be pretty peeved to discover that Garth has taken over Bobby’s duties as the go-to hunter hotline guy — and it’ll lead to further conversation about Sam abandoning the gig.

supernatural 805 dean vertical 'Supernatural' spoilers: Castiel's escape from Purgatory and more3. Castiel’s getting out. We told you there were spoilers here, right? Apparently, when Dean said that Castiel “didn’t make it,” he didn’t exactly mean that he died. In the Nov. 14 episode, Castiel will escape from Purgatory, much to Sam and Dean’s surprise — and we’ll learn all about the trouble he got into while he was there. Trust us… there are some unexpected plot twists here.

4. Presented without context: In our interview with Misha Collins on Friday, he told us, “We do learn, definitively, in Purgatory, that Dean is a bottom.” (For the record, we’re not presenting it without context to be incendiary. We’re presenting it without context because it was the last thing Collins said to us before we hung up the phone, and because we were a little too scared to ask for clarification.) Take it as you will.

5. The return of Kevin Tran! We guess he just couldn’t stay away. Kevin and his mom will both be back in the picture this season, and he’ll team up with Sam and Dean again to help them build a “demon bomb” that will hopefully take out Crowley. Man, that sure would’ve been useful back in Season 2 or 3, wouldn’t it?

6. Sam and Amelia, sitting in a tree. In “Blood Brother,” the Halloween episode, we’ll get a deeper look into what Sam’s relationship with Amelia was like. Of course, we saw their birthday celebration in the park last week, but the less idyllic days are where the romance really developed.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie