supernatural bitten guest stars 'Supernatural' spoilers: Found footage episode 'Bitten' guest stars Leigh Parker, Brandon W. Jones, and Britni Sheridan“Supernatural” fans have seen some pretty crazy episodes in the past — there’s been an old west episode, an episode where Sam and Dean are trapped in a series of television shows, and an episode where they’re transported to the “real” world and confused for two shady characters named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Now, we’ll see a unique “found footage” episode in the vein of “Chronicle,” with a little “Paranormal Activity” thrown in for good measure. The fourth episode of Season 8, entitled “Bitten,” will find Sam and Dean traveling to a college town to investigate a very strange murder. When they enter an apartment, they’ll find two dead bodies and a laptop — with a strange student film cued up and ready to play. The bulk of the episode will take place within the found footage, as Sam and Dean learn that they’ve unwittingly been cast in a creepy movie.

Leigh Parker, Brandon W. Jones, and Britni Sheridan will guest star as the students investigating an “animal attack” within the footage. “You’re living in this found footage, the boys bracketed on either side, in the opening and at the very end,” executive producer Bob Singer teases, praising Parker, Jones and Sheridan for their contributions. “But for 95 percent of the show, you’re living in this found footage. [The Winchesters] are in it unknowingly, so it’s crazy. It’s a really good episode, very compelling, and has great guest stars. It deals with college kids.”

“They’re really carrying the episode,” adds executive producer Jeremy Carver, who says that despite the “student film” aspect, this episode won’t feel like the “Ghostfacers” episode we saw previously. “It feels more like your ‘Paranormal Activity’ or your ‘Blair Witch,’ which you could say are close cousins to Ghostfacers.”

The episode airs Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 9 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie