supernatural tv guide cover 'Supernatural' spoilers: Season 8 storyline to resemble 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' questZap2it will be sure to provide you guys with tons of “Supernatural” scoop this weekend at Comic-Con, but in the meantime, executive producer Robert Singer has offered fans some (sort of) revealing tidbits in the special Comic-Con issue of TV Guide.

We already know that the season premiere will time-jump forward a bit to Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) release from Purgatory, and we’ll find out later how he and Sam (Jared Padalecki) spent their time apart. Singer tells the mag they decided to tell the story that way because fans don’t love it when Sam and Dean are separated. “The fact that the boys are going to be together pretty quickly was, we thought, a good thing.”

We’re glad to hear it, particularly considering our chat with Padalecki from this spring, when he hinted that the brothers would spend significant time apart.

Most importantly, Singer offers a few hints as to the major season-long arc of Season 8, which he says is a quest based on a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” theme that will strongly feature Kevin (Osric Chau), the prophet we met last season who has now been absconded by Crowley (Mark Sheppard). “It’s about Kevin and the tablets and the word of God,” Singer says, adding, “It’s basically an angels-and-demons year. It’s not apocalyptic, but about who can gain control and keep demons in Hell or angels in Heaven.”

Pick up the TV Guide issue on newsstands July 10 for more, including a revelation about a new recurring character — a monster who Dean meets in Purgatory — and how much Castiel will feature in the season.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie