tahmoh penikett supernatural return 'Supernatural' spoilers: Will Tahmoh Penikett return now that we know the truth about 'Zeke'?

At the beginning of “Supernatural” Season 9, Tahmoh Penikett’s noble warrior angel Ezekiel was the hero. He saved Sam’s life by becoming his angelic pacemaker, healing him from the inside out after Sam failed to complete the trials to close the gates of hell. Dean trusted him with Sam’s life, and so did we.

But as the season went on, things became a bit fishy. Zeke refused to allow Castiel to stay in the bunker with them, but didn’t say why. Dean started to get tired of lying to Sam — Zeke told him to keep the possession a secret in case Sam rejected him, killing himself in the process. He wanted to be truthful with his little brother, and in the fall finale, “Holy Terror,” he tried to confess to Sam that there was an angel hitching a ride in his meat suit.

But Zeke didn’t allow that to happen, and we finally learned why. Zeke isn’t Ezekiel at all, since Cas found out that Ezekiel actually died along with a bunch of other angels during The Fall. Meet Gadreel, an angel who was locked up in heaven’s jail for letting a serpent into the Garden of Eden and who has assumed the noble warrior angel’s identity. He lied to Dean about who he was, took over Sam’s body fully, and after sneaking off to meet Metatron, performed his first hit as Metatron’s No. 2: He killed fan-favorite prophet Kevin Tran. 

So now that Gadreel is fully cemented as a villain, it would be awesome to see Penikett return to portray the true angel that he is. And good news comes courtesy of executive producer Jeremy Carver, who hints to TVLine that “we might” see the “Battlestar Galactica” alum portray Gadreel at some point. “There are lots of different ways, shapes and forms people can appear on the show,” Carver says. “Past, present. … People shouldn’t rush to any one conclusion. Just know there are a lot of different ways he could appear.”

Hear that, “Supernatural” fans? We’re not jumping to any conclusions about how or when we might see Penikett return — might that come when Sam regains control of his mind/body and kicks Gadreel out? — but it looks like it will happen. Are you excited to see Penikett again, this time portraying the true villainous side of his angelic character?

“Supernatural” returns with new episodes on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum