kurt fuller supernatural 'Supernatural' star Kurt Fuller is bending Dean over and sending him to heaven“Supernatural”‘s Dean Winchester is a bully.

But this Thursday (April 1), one of his frequent victims is getting revenge.

When Korbi TV caught up with Kurt Fuller (Zachariah), the actor could barely contain his glee over what’s going down.

“I’m kicking his ass [in tonight’s episode], I can tell you that,” Fuller says in the clip below. “I kick his ass, I bend him over. From the front, not from the back …it’s a network show, we’re not cable.”

“But that’s not all that happens,” he teases. “[Sam and Dean] do go to heaven, and they do die.”

If this was any other show, we’d be a little worried about the leads getting killed. But this is “Supernatural” and they pretty much die every season, so we have a sneaking suspicion the Winchester brothers will be okay.

Watch the video for more on that, plus Mr. Fuller’s take on why it’s hard to insult “Mr. GQ Ken doll with talent”…

Posted by:Marisa Roffman