jeffreydeanmorgan supernatural 290 'Supernatural' star may live to see 'Red Dawn'Jeffrey Dean Morgan usually hunts more exotic targets on “Supernatural,” but now the actor may take on more human invaders.

Morgan is in talks to join the “Red Dawn” remake, according to Variety. He’d step into the role of Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner, who in the 1984 original was an Air Force pilot shot down by the Soviets and rescued by the teen-rebel Wolverines. He trained the Wolverines in military tactics before coming to an explosive end.

That role may change: Variety calls Tanner a U.S. Special Forces commando.

Morgan, who starred as The Comedian in “Watchmen,” will join a cast including Adrianne Palicki, Connor Cruise, Josh Peck and Chris Hemsworth.

“Red Dawn” has a tentative release date of Sept. 24, 2010.


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Posted by:Andy Grieser