misha collins supernatural tsa america level orange video cw 'Supernatural' star Misha Collins: 'TSA America: Level Orange' web series

“Supernatural” fans know Misha Collins as the angel Castiel, but the actor has been busy with another project recently. “TSA America: Level Orange” is a web series coming from Collins — he wrote and produced it along with wife Vicki Vantoch and Phillip Schneider.

The “funny and absurd” comedy takes place at one of the most horrifying places on Earth: a TSA checkpoint. Along with Collins, the series stars Danneel Ackles (wife of Collins’ “Supernatural” co-star, Jensen Ackles) as a rather pregnant character. Apparently Ackles truly was pregnant at the time, but she had to wear a fake belly to make it more obvious.

Collins hosted the premiere during a webcast on Saturday (May 3) from the “Supernatural” convention in Washington, DC.

While the full video of the premiere episode is still coming to the Internet at large, two trailers for the comedy give a feel for what’s coming.

Posted by:Laurel Brown