jared padalecki supernatura 'Supernatural' stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles: Chemistry is crucialIf there’s anything Jensen Ackles has learned from Jared Padalecki, his co-star on The CW drama “Supernatural,” it’s that an off-screen friendship can go a long way toward building believable on-screen camaraderie. Zap2it caught up with the demon-hunting duo at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 28).

“The most important thing I’ve learned from working with Jared is how crucial chemistry is for something to be successful in this industry,” Ackles says. “I think if the two lead actors — whether it’s brothers, or a husband and wife — if they don’t have chemistry, then it’s not going to work. Good friendship and solidarity has been a crucial aspect of our success.”

Ackles has taught Padalecki a few things about success in the TV industry as well.

“We’ve all seen the show. Jensen’s very talented, blah, blah, blah,” Padalecki laughs. He rolls his eyes, then speaks more sincerely. “Honestly, he has a great, contagious love for the project and for the work. When you’re doing 16-hour days for eight or nine months, you have to remember to be excited about it and to be passionate about it. Jensen has that.”

He continues, “It’s what he can help give to the world, this craft that he loves, so we look at him and it’s like, ‘This guy’s having fun, so why aren’t we?'”

Ackles, who was a groomsman in Jared’s February wedding to “FlashForward” actress Genevieve Cortese, appears genuinely touched. “Thanks, man.”

Of course, the bromance doesn’t last long. A few minutes later, a fan introduces herself: “Hi Jensen. I’m a psychotherapist.”

“Good,” Ackles interrupts. “I need to talk to somebody about my co-star.”

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