When I settled in to watch Supernatural tonight, I thought we were in for a fun night of entertainment that took us away from the apocalypse story line in favor of some of the lighter shennannigans that the boys are known for.  Boy, was I wrong.

The evening starts out with the guys investigating a haunting at a comic book store, which is where they are accused of LARPing the characters in a little known book series, Supernatural. Which has an underground legion of fans. And slash/fic writers (eww!)They pick up the books and get to reading, quickly realizing their lives have been fictionalized. They decide to find the author; "Carver Edlund" and go through a rep from the now defunct publisher, managing to convince her that they are mega fans with their knowledge of trivia and matching tattoos.

They meet Carver, whose real name is Chuck Shirley, and just like the fabled Shatner melt down, he tells Sam and Dean to 'Get a life!' before they convince him that they are his characters. Which is when he decides that he's a god. The Winchesters convince him otherwise before he reveals that in the latest writing, he had written himself into the novels a'la Kilgore Trout. And that Lilith is on her way for some fiery, demonic passion with Sam. The guys decide to do the opposite of the whatever Chuck's pages say in order to avoid Lilith, to Sam's chagrin. I figure that we are in for a Stranger Than Fiction type of episode, with the boys trying to convince a writer not to kill them, but I am way off.

No matter what they do, they keep stumbling into exactly what Chuck's writing says they will do. Dean goes after Chuck to find out exactly how he's accomplishing his psychic feats when Castiel shows up and tells Dean to unhand the man. Because he's a prophet of the lord. That bears repeating. Chuck is a prophet of the lord. Which is about when I started shouting at my TV. Even more, he's not writing trashy horror fiction. He's writing the Gospel of the Winchesters. And if THAT ain't a mindf**k, I don't know what is.

Dean rushes back to the hotel to get Sam and get the hell out of Dodge, only to find out that Sam has decided to stay put and face Lilith. There is a short confrontation before Dean leaves in frustration, only to stand outside the hotel…and start praying. Castiel shows up again but tells Dean he can't help him. Which gets Dean rather ticked off, of course. But Castiel doesn't stop there. He tells Dean that he can't help him  because what the prophet has written must come to pass….and anything that endangers the prophet will be dealt with by an Archangel – heaven's fiercest warriors.

It's a sly move to give Dean all the info he needs. He gets back to Chuck's house and collects the reluctant prophet. Meanwhile, Lilith has arrived and despite all of Sam's preparations, he can't be ready for what she does: offers a cease fire. No more seal breaking and no coming apocalypse in exchange for his and Dean's life. It's an unbreakable deal but it must be sealed with more than a kiss. Just as it looks like some fiery, demonic passion is going to occur, Sam reaches for the demon killing knife, which Lilith wrests away from him. Dean and Chuck burst in and with an Archangel on the way, Lilith flees the scene.

Sam tells Dean he wasn't really going to go through with it, but that he was glad to learn that Lilith is scared of her own impending doom. And, because the writers like nothing more than the twist the knife in the final 5 minutes, we end with Chuck getting another flash of future insight. He wakes to find Zachariah watching him, who confirms that what he saw will come to pass. Chuck announces that he has to warn Sam and Dean, but Zachariah threatens him. And angel threats cannot be taken lightly.

There was a good deal of funny tonight ("I am the prophet Chuck!" and "You shoulda seen Luke" were two of my own favorites) but my goodness, the rest of the story really overshadowed that for me! Will Sam kill Lilith? How much of a role will Chuck play in the upcoming story, as the prophet and gospel writer? Is Zachariah the higher up that's pulling all the strings? Is Sam addicted to the power sucking down demon blood gives him? What are your theories?

Posted by:Jessica Paff