supernatural sam dean motel 'Supernatural': Ten reasons you should be watching Season 6When we learned that “Supernatural” had been shifted from its previous Thursday timeslot to the Friday night wasteland, we have to admit that we were a little bit worried. Fortunately, Friday nights on the CW aren’t as deadly as you’d think.

Season 6 is the perfect time to jump into one of the best genre shows on television. The Winchester brothers have spent their lives on the road, protecting innocents from monsters and demons. Now that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have essentially defeated Lucifer and saved the world, they’ve got the chance to start over again.

Dean, assuming that Sam was stuck in hell, moved in with his girlfriend Lisa and her son, Ben, attempting to live a respectable life. Sam let Dean believe he was dead and carried on hunting with a few long-lost (and long-dead) members of his mother’s family. A year later, Dean finds out that Sam’s still around… and things are about to get scary.

If you’re still holding out, check out our list of Ten Reasons to Watch… and then cancel date night and park it on the couch. Trust us.

1. The monsters are scarier than ever. What’s better than turning off the lights and settling in for an hour of getting totally creeped out? Though the last few seasons have been heavily focused on demons, relying on gore instead of terror to build suspense. The monsters are back in Season 6, though… and they’re not playing by the rules. Shapeshifters, djinns, vampires, and all the rest of the Winchesters’ old enemies are looking for revenge.

2. Nobody sparkles. Speaking of vampires, if you’re tired of the “Twilight” phenomenon haunting you with Edward Cullen barbie dolls peering at you from the shelves at Target, “Supernatural” is the cure for your ailments. These vampires are ugly, thirsty, and they don’t attend high school to keep up appearances. “I’m looking forward to killing some vampires properly,” Ackles said at Comic-Con. “Cut this pastey waify s*** out, and let’s just kill some stuff.”.

3. Dean’s journey is front and center. Ackles has long been praised for his work as Dean Winchester, but this season he faces a new challenge. Having been off the road and away from his brother for a year, Dean has a host of new motivations for keeping the people he loves safe. As he struggles to balance his love for Lisa with his loyalty to Sam and his place in the hunting world, we’re privy to sides of Dean we’ve never seen before.

4. There are plenty of laughs to cut the angst. On a show about brothers who are destined to either save or destroy the world, you’ve got to have some light-hearted moments, and “Supernatural” does sharp, witty humor perfectly. We’ve collected our favorite punchlines and banter from the first five seasons here, just to catch you up.

5. Sam’s come back from hell with a brand new attitude. After five years of watching Sam Winchester, it was a little bit jarring to see how his short stint in Lucifer’s cage changed him — but then we remembered that we’ve seen Sam act this way before, when his brother died in the Season 3 episode “Mystery Spot.” We’re looking forward to getting to know this colder, darker version of Sam — and to unraveling just what happened to him in the cage. He’s come a long way since “Gilmore Girls,” folks.

6. At its heart, “Supernatural” is a show about family bonds.
We expected a catastrophic apocalypse in the Season 5 finale, but in the end, what Sam and Dean needed to defeat Lucifer was a reminder of why the world is worth saving in the first place: love and family. The show’s best moments are the ones between the brothers — whether they’re fighting over who downloaded the porn virus on the laptop, or saving each others’ lives from Paris Hilton.

7. Who doesn’t love an angel who can kick some butt?  Castiel (Misha Collins) returns in tonight’s Oct. 8 episode, “The Third Man.” He’s spent a year as the big man on campus up in Heaven, since the archangel Michael took a plunge. We don’t think it’ll be long before he and the Winchesters get back to their usual no-I-in-team attitude, but for now, we’re going to get to know Castiel all over again. With Heaven in disarray and God still missing in action, he’s had a long year.

8. There’s no better soundtrack on television. If you’re over singer/songwriters and quirky electro-pop highlighting every longing look or climactic scene, get comfortable. “Supernatural” has kept up its tradition of featuring classic rock that lends authenticity to the road trip story. This season’s premiere kicked off with a montage set to Bob Seger’s “Beautiful Loser,” and there’s never any shortage of Zeppelin, AC/DC, or Kansas. You’ll be reminded of old favorites every week.

9. It’s just what you need after “Smallville.” With ten years of preparation behind him, Clark Kent will become Superman this season, so you can spend your Fridays with a whole handful of heroes. After a long week at work, Friday nights are the perfect time to watch other people carry the fate of the world on their shoulders.

10. The guys are hot… but your boyfriend will still watch with you. “Supernatural” is up 25% this year in the men’s demographic — and why shouldn’t it be? With all the monster-killing, muscle-car driving, and exploding guts, this show appeals to the dude in all of us. (But that doesn’t mean the girl in all of us can’t enjoy a little eye-candy along the way.)

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