This may have been the most intense episode of Supernatural that we have been treated to all season. Gone was most of the double entendres, sarcastic quips and biting witticisms, all to be replaced with a sense of uncertainty and menace. It started with Bella, leaving the scene of the last episode and being set upon by a newly out of prison Gordon Walker. One of the few humorous moments come when he tells her Sam is the Antichrist and she nods saying she had heard that form her friend, the Easter Bunny. But I can understand how it is hard to be in a joking mood when there’s a gun trained on your head. Gordon wants to know where the boys are and for a moment it almost seems like Bella grew a conscious as she acts almost loyal. But, she’s Bella after all, and tells him he will have much better results if he makes a deal with her. His offer of $3,000 doesn’t interest her, but the mojo bag at his waist does. A moment later, she’s on the cell phone, asking Dean where they are.

The boys are hunting, of course. A vampire. As Sam attends to her latest victim, Dean decides to draw her out, by slicing open his arm. When she attacks, her fangs about an inch away from his jugular, he plunges a hypodermic needle filled with a dead man’s blood into her neck and a moment later she’s on the ground. When she comes to, she’s tied to a chair and looking more human and slightly distraught. Sam takes another step down a darker path when he tells her they will let her go if she tells them what happened. She spins a tale of meeting a guy in a bar and him talking her into taking an illicit substance which has had her hallucinating and desperate to come down off the high. That illicit substance was, of course, a thick red liquid. Despite her please for release, Dean kills her as Sam frowns, remarking "poor girl". In the hospital, her last victim recuperates and gets a visit from two FBI agents : Gordon and Kubrick.

Meanwhile, the boys are trying to track down the vampire drug dealer to put a stop to the missing blondes. Unfortunately, just when they have found their man, they are found themselves, and Gordon and Kubrick waste no time opening fire. In a snap, Dean is risking his neck again, telling Sam he’s going to draw them away and making a run for it. Kubrick follows, but Gordon is after Sam, and slowly stalks him. Unknown to him, Gordon is being stalked himself and the vampire gets the jump on him. Back at their safe-house, Sam accuses Dean of being reckless, and Dean plays it off with a suave "What can I say? I’m a bad ass" before they put two and two together and realize that Bella gave them up. Dean’s bravado vanishes when he calls her back and promises to kill her. When she asks if he’s joking, I have to admit there have been few times I have seen him so serious as when he replies "Listen to my voice and tell me id I am serious" before hanging up on her. She’s smart enough to look more than a little uneasy at the prospect of truly being on Dean’s bad side.

Back at the vampire nest, Gordon finds himself tied up and in the company of two newly made blonde vampires and their morose maker (Dixon) who tries to alleviate the burden on his soul by carrying a grudge against hunters for the slaughter of his family. At first it seems like Gordon is to be a snack, but as their debate becomes more heated, Dixon decides to do something much more sinister. He cuts Gordon’s arm, slices his own, and makes a new vampire. I can honestly say I was stunned and had not seen that coming at all. Back at the safe-house, the boys discuss Gordon and Sam surprises Dean by readily agreeing that they are going to have to kill the other hunter. And just then Dean gets a phone call. Bella, in an attempt to make amends, has found out where Gordon is. She passes the information on with an ominous warning from the other side: " Leave town, run like hell, do not go after Gordon".

Gordon has spent this time growing stronger and soon breaks his bonds. He wanders out onto the streets, blinded by street lamps and car headlights before he finds a lone man changing a flat tire. He pauses at a window pane, where we see his fangs sprout and a moment later, that man is dead. When the boys make it to the vampire nest, Gordon is long gone, Dixon has returned, and is mourning the death of his last two blonde family members. He implores Dean to kill him, telling him that he is doomed to eternity alone and asking him if he can think of a worse hell then that. Dean tersely replies "Well, there’s HELL" before Sam interrupts to point out that the girls did not have their heads cut off so much as ripped off. They both look at Dixon and ask what he did. The consequences of his actions continue elsewhere as Gordon returns to the trailer he shared with Kubrick. When he reveals what he is, Kubrick tells him that he has to kill him. Gordon begs him to wait, and let him kill Sam first and Kubrick appears to give in to the idea, while sneaking a grasp of a weapon. But his speed is no match for vampiric reflexes and Gordon tears into him without hesitation.

Back at the safe-house, the boys destroy their cell phones to avoid being traced while Dean decides to go after Gordon alone. Sam gives a very heartfelt speech, accusing Dean of risking his life over and over again to mask how scared he is of his time running out and his eventual ticket to hell. When Dean tries to deny any sense of fear, Sam calls bullshit, expounding on how well he knows Dean because he’s been idolizing him since he was 4 years old, trying to be just like his big brother. He hits enough of a chord with Dean that when he asks him to give up the act and just be his brother again, Dean relents and declares they will cover their scent, hole up and wait out the night. Gordon is unlikely to let that happen however. He traced their scent to the cell phone store, got their new number and puts a terrified girl on the phone to beg for her life. The boys have to come to the rescue.

And come they do, arriving at the warehouse with weapons and trying to stick close together. They find the girl, untie her and Dean picks her up to carry her out with Sam just a few steps behind. But those few steps are enough to given Gordon an edge and a moment later a heavy, sliding metal door drops and the boys are separated. Another second passes and Sam is in the dark, alone with Gordon. The scene is intense, as Gordon watches Sam’s every move with uncanny night vision, while Sam gropes around blindly in the dark.  It’s very reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs in all the right ways. Sam tries to talk sense to Gordon, who admits that he is only a monster now. When Sam points out it’s his choice, just like he chose not to kill the girl, Gordon tells him he did something worse to her. On the other side of the metal door, Dean is attacked by a new vampire.

He puts her down quickly enough, but it’s another shocking moment in an episode filled with suspense. But Sam is still a smarty, and finds himself against a bare bit of drywall by feeling his way along, and when Gordon finally lunges at him, they both tumble through the weak material, dousing the scene with light and reuniting Sam with Dean. But against a huge and angry vampire, it’s still an impressive battle. Sam gets the better of Gordon in the end, getting his hands on some razor wire and executing the slowest decapitation I have ever seen.

The Good: Seeing the brothers connect on a real emotional level and bond again – especially in the last scene, where Dean pulls Sam into helping work on the car engine before passing it off entirely to him.

The Bad: I hope they don’t let Bella off the hook that easily.

The Funny: The best exchanged of the night was when Sam accused Dean of being a kamikaze and Dean shot back "I’m more like a ninja", leaving his younger brother to angrily sputter "That’s not funny!", at which time he flashed his most mischievous grin and replied "It’s a little funny"!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Do you think we will see why Bella wanted Gordon’s mojo bag? Will the boys get revenge on her for giving them up? Do you think she honestly believe Sam could be evil, based on what Gordon told her? And did you really think we would see Kubrick and Gordon both killed tonight?

Posted by:Jessica Paff