spn dungeon sam dean gallery 'Supernatural' wedding bells: Who's heading down the aisle?Yes, it’s true, “Supernatural” fans. One of the brothers Winchester is headed down the aisle in the Nov. 11th episode. Given the fact that neither Sam (Jared Padalecki) nor Dean (Jensen Ackles) is currently romantically involved, unless you count Dean’s affinity for Asian cartoon porn, the wedding comes as a bit of a surprise.

It’s true that there’s a bit of a whirlwind courtship involved — but it’s not quite as speedy as you think, because the bride in this unholy union is someone we’ve seen before… more than once.

We’re sworn to secrecy as to who the lucky lady is (and we’re also not allowed to tell you which brother is getting fitted for the groom’s tux) but we can tell you this: the Winchester involved is not getting married as part of a job or an undercover operation. He’s totally into it.

Place your bets now, SPN fans! Who do you think is returning to say “I do”?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie