supernatural dean sam 'Supernatural': Welcome to adulthood, Dean WinchesterAs excited as we are about the Season 6 premiere of “Supernatural,” we can’t help but feel a bit stressed as news trickles in. After all, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) never fare well when they’re separated — and when the series returns to The CW on September 24, the brothers Winchester will have been split up for an entire year.

To add to our separation anxiety, the most iconic part of the show is going to be M.I.A: the car. In an interview with AOL TV, Executive Producer Sera Gamble confessed that Dean’s beloved Impala has been relegated to collecting dust.

“He’s not driving the Impala,” she says. “It’s
under a tarp, and when he needs something from the trunk, he just lifts
up the edge. It’s torturous!”

Why don’t you just rip our heart out?

Dean’s been playing grown-up for his girlfriend Lisa and her son Ben, who we last saw in Season 3 looking an awful lot like a Winchester.

Having trouble imagining Dean as the responsible type? So were we, until we remembered that he took care of Sam throughout their tumultuous childhood. “Our goal is to have Dean be an adult,” Gamble says. “He’s in his early thirties at this
point, and Lisa is a real character with a point of view and a child
who’s in the mix here, a child who really loves Dean.”

When she puts it that way, we’re conflicted! Gamble told us at the recent CBS/Showtime/CW Party in Beverly Hills that Lisa would be present throughout the first half of the season. Does this indicate a breakup sometime before the holiday hiatus? If so, will Dean still play surrogate dad to Ben?

So many questions!

Meanwhile, Dean thinks Sam is cooking in Hell — a place he’s all too familiar with. Though Dean promised Sam he wouldn’t try to save him from “the cage,” he couldn’t resist picking a few locks. We’re hearing that Dean did give saving Sam his best shot, but ultimately resigned himself to the fact that his brother was dead.

Poor guy. It’s no wonder he couldn’t save Sam… Sam was already saved.

Padalecki told us at Comic-Con that Sam would step into Dean’s shoes and take the reigns more this season.

“I think Sam was like, ‘Dean thinks I’m dead, it hurts, I love the guy, he’s my brother, but he’ll be happier without me.’ So Sam has been hunting on his own and now they’re reconverging and we’re figuring out how it happened,” he added in a round table interview at Comic-Con (Video from My Take on TV below). He says that Sam will be doing less brooding this season.

“He’s tactical first, like Dean was in Season 1,” Padalecki adds. “He’s somebody who’s like, ‘It sucks that the mother of these two kids is possessed by a demon, but she’s possessed by a demon. We have to kill her.'” He says that he’s gone back to watch Season 1 to create his take on Sam-as-Dean.

Let’s discuss, Zappers. Do you think Dean is dad material? Are you mad at Sam for leaving Dean in the dark (and presumably in mourning) all year?

Tell us your wishes for Season 6 in the comments below and you may see them published in a future article.

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