bobby singer supernatural 'Supernatural': Will Bobby make a deadly deal?Spoiler alert! “Supernatural” father figure Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) has always said that Sam and Dean are like sons to him… but this time, he may be taking the Winchester family connection a bit too far.

In this season’s penultimate episode, Bobby will sell his soul to help save the world, making him the third major character to barter his soul. John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) did it first in the second season’s premiere, and of course, Dean (Jensen Ackles) sold his soul to bring Sam back from the dead. Of course, when Sam (Jared Padalecki) tried to make a deal to bring Dean back from the dead, though, the demons weren’t in the market.

This news begs the question of who, exactly, Bobby will sell his soul to. Fans of the show have long speculated that Bobby may be the true vessel for God. Zap2it was on the scene with Jim Beaver at the Creation Entertainment Salute to Supernatural, and when Beaver was asked if Bobby was God’s vessel, his tongue-in-cheek response was, “Well, you’re assuming there’s a difference between the two!”

More seriously, Jim says that if God were to ask Bobby to be his vessel, Bobby wouldn’t hesitate the way Dean has with Michael. “If God were to approach Bobby about being his vessel, I think Bobby would say, ‘Sir, yes, sir. Whatever you say, sir.'”

In the season finale – ominously titled “Swan Song” — a beloved character faces death. Though all the characters are beloved, we’re guessing that the man on the chopping block is either Bobby or Castiel. “Clean off the tops of your shoes because your jaws are going to be sitting on them,” Beaver told fans of the season finale.

In our interview with him, he went into more detail. “I think we’re going to get a pretty close look at what would have happened even if this were the last season,” he says. “I don’t think we’ve drifted too far from where they wanted to end the entire series.”

“I came up with an analogy the other day that I think is just brilliant,” Beaver jokes. “A symphony has two, three, four movements, each of which builds to often a very moving conclusion, and then the next movement starts. I think we’re finishing the first movement of ‘Supernatural’ and getting ready to move into the second one.”

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