jensen ackles jim beaver 32 'Supernatural': Will Jim Beaver return for Season 6?Fans of “Supernatural” are used to their favorite characters being killed off, despite the fact that on this show, the dead don’t often stay dead. As Season 5 winds toward its May 13 finale, one question is on all of our minds: Will Bobby survive the showdown with Lucifer?

Jim Beaver sat down with Zap2it to discuss Bobby’s fate, though he was cautious about giving too much away. “Well, I have finished this season’s filming. Let’s put it this way. Bobby ends up pretty much worse-off than anybody’s ever seen him,” Beaver says. It’s a bold statement, considering Bobby’s steady spiral into depression this season after being confined to a wheelchair and forced to kill his beloved wife (for the second time).

Jim has been antagonizing his fans via his Twitter all season long, teasing Bobby’s possible demise. After shooting his final scenes for the season, Beaver tweeted: “Finished my last scene, marched into makeup & got my hair all chopped off–1st time in 5 years! Yay!“, sending fans into a frenzy over whether that means Bobby is a goner.

Remember, even if Bobby does die, that’s no indication that Beaver won’t be back for more. After all, the show’s protagonists (and occasional antagonists) Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have both kicked the bucket multiple times only to come back swinging. When we ask Jim if he’s interested in returning for Season 6, he plays coy with us. “I could be Bobby’s evil twin,” he laughs. “Robby!”

More seriously, he says, “Anything Bob Singer and Eric Kripke ever want me to do, chances are I’m going to say yes, because I like ’em. They’ve been very good to me. And for reasons beyond my understanding, they seem to like me too.”

In the video above, Jim shares his feelings on Bobby’s as-of-yet purely hypothetical death, relating it to his experience on “Deadwood,” when his character was killed off. “I don’t like the party going on without me,” he admits.

When we try to press him further, though, he chooses his words very, very carefully. “Eric Kripke, although he’s not going to be the actual show runner of ‘Supernatural’ next season – he’s still going to be involved – but that frees him up to do other projects. I might like to be involved with one of those and I don’t want to tick him off by giving away stuff that happens in the project I’m currently involved in.”

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Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman.


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