spn and then there were none 'Supernatural': Will the Winchesters say goodbye to an old ally?The average character’s lifespan on “Supernatural” hovers somewhere around 42 minutes, and it’s been a couple of episodes since a recurring favorite has been killed off. (We miss you, Crowley.) Looks like we’re due for another Very Winchester Funeral.

In this week’s episode, “…And Then There Were None,” the Winchesters and Bobby will fight another unfamiliar monster, and this time, it’s all hands on deck. When Bobby and Rufus unexpectedly bump into each other on the scene, they decide to partner up for old times’ sake.

“As long as I get to drive,” Bobby says — which reminds of a little of when Sam and Dean first got back on the road together after Sam’s little Stanford sojourn. Awwwww!

Our warm-and-fuzzies are unlikely to last long, because we know somebody‘s dying in this episode. Bobby, Rufus, Sam, and Dean will be joined by the last Campbells standing — Samuel and Gwen — as they hunt down the monster, which has an unnerving habit of getting between your ears. Word is that Bobby and Samuel will strongly disagree on how to handle the case. No surprise there, since Samuel has a tendency to handle everything wrong.

Is it so wrong to hope that Samuel will be the one to kick the bucket? It’s time. Things rarely go our way on this show, though…

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie