For all those guys out there who may frequent strip clubs, this week's Supernatural gives you a heck of a reason to swear them off.

Spoilers! And if you just want my thoughts, skip to the Bits & Piece toward the end…

A husband comes home a little snippy after a long day at work. He gets irritated at every little thing, but his wife successfully diffuses things…until she says she volunteered them to go to a friend's birthday party that weekend. After she says she'll cancel and asks why he seems like he's trying to pick a fight, her answer comes in the form of a bludgeoning by meat tenderizer.

Cut to Dean sleeping in a motel. He wakes and sees that Sam is quietly talking to someone on the phone in the bathroom. He says they haven't found any signs but they'll keep looking, advising the mystery caller to do the same. Dean pretends to still be asleep when Sam comes out. He's got a job lead – our opening murder is the third case of a previously happily married couple becoming less so thanks to hubbie.

Sam and Dean see the guy, Mr. Benson, under the guises as state lawyers. Benson wasn't possessed, he knew what he was doing. He just didn't know why exactly. Dean, playing Bad Lawyer, produces a bill that has $9,000 in charges to a shady sounding company. Meaning nudie bar. Sam says they just want to know the truth. Benson confesses that her name is Jasmine, he met her at a buddy's bachelor party. She came up to him and he thought she was perfect, everything he could ever want. He can't explain why he felt so drawn to her. He killed his wife, Vicky, because Jasmine said she was the only thing keeping them apart. Benson never told the cops about Jasmine because he believes he deserves to be punished. If they don't give him the death penalty, he'll just do it himself.

Pulling out an FBI badge as "Special Agent Styles," Sam goes and visits Dr. Cara Roberts who's popping asprin today to get over a fun last night. On top of her ER duty, she works with the police and did the autopsies for the wives and tox screens for the husbands on all three murder cases. After inspecting his badge again, she says there was one anomaly in all the murderous hubbies blood – they were high in Oxytocin, a chemical that has been linked to the giddy butterflies of new love among other things. Cara is clearly hitting on Sam and, when Dean comes in as "Special Agent Murdoch," she barely acknowledges him. On the way out, there's one last moment of flirting before Dean admonishes Sam for c-blocking.

Dean had talked to Wiley and Snider, the other husbands, who'd both hooked up with strippers too. The place is called the Honey Wagon. Klassy. While they fell for different…professionals, they all described them in the same way. Sam says it sounds like they were all under a love spell that turned wrong. When Sam asks why Dean seems he cheery, he responds that he's jazzed to finally be on a case involving strippers.

They arrive at the Honey Wagon still in FBI mode and Dean talks to the owner, who's less than helpfull. Sam had better luck. He'd just talked to Bobby and they've developed a theory – sirens. The Odyssey sirens? Sam, surprised at Dean's reference, confirms. Sam rattles through the basics of the myth, sailors crashing into rocks and whatnot, before clarifying that the "Siren's Song" probably isn't a real song but more their allure. Also, to complicate things further, sirens can read minds and will cloak themselves to look like whatever a guy most desires. So it's most likely the same creature that's tagged all three murdering hubbies. Bobby's looking for ways to kill it but how exactly do the Winchester Boys find it?

Maybe they should've been looking at a nearby booth where some poor schmoop is greeted then taking out of the club by "Belle." This schmoop's name is Lenny and he's taken her back to his place where he lives with his sick, old mother. This isn't going to end well. Since she's asleep, Belle drops trough and they have at it in the living room on the couch. During, the camera pans to the mirror across the way and Belle's reflection is actually…icky. Really, really icky. Blargh. In the afterglow, Belle praises Lenny's sweetness and strength, adding that if it wasn't for his mom they could be together forever. She wants him to bash Momma's brains in for her. He wavers for a moment, but one more whispered "I love you" and he picks up a fire poker and goes to work in the other room. And that's Belle cue to exit.

In the new motel doing research, Dean sits alone at a table, eying Sam's phone. He picks it up and redials the only unprogrammed number. He hears Ruby's voice but doesn't say anything and he's not too happy. He puts the phone down just as Sam comes back and confirms the latest murder is a siren victim too. Sam's phone rings and it's Bobby with the somewhat vague info he's found from poems. They'll need a bronze dagger "covered in the blood of a sailor under the spell of the song" to kill the beastie. Also, Bobby figured the Siren's Song is actually some sort of toxin or venom that gets in the blood, mostly likely from sex. The siren can't get doused with the stuff because it'll poison it. Too bad all those poor saps are free from her spell…but Sam's got an idea.

Sam and Dean go to visit Dr. Roberts and ask if she's got any of those blood samples left. She does, but before they can obtain them, an FBI agent shows up. Asking Cara to excuse them, when she leaves they find out that Agent Nick Munroe was sent from the Omaha office, violent crimes division. Sam gives him a business card for their supervisor who is actually Bobby. Cut to Bobby's house where he pulls DC office jurisdiction and hangs up on the guy, revealing a wall of clearly labeled phones ranging from "federal marshal" to "police." Apologizing to them, Nick asks where Sam and Dean are with the case. Dean calls running the blood work a dead end and Nick admits he found the stripper connection and asks to join them on investigating the lead. Taking Dean aside for a moment, Sam asks him to take Nick to club while he gets blood sample. Dean reluctantly agrees, but says he's only doing it for the, ahem, scenery.

Nick is stoked when he sees the Impala and starts gushing specs, which makes Dean soften up a bit. Meanwhile, Sam asks for the blood samples claiming want to send them to a specialist. She agrees but they discover that the samples are already gone.

At the Honey Wagon, Dean and Nick do shots as they trade Led Zepplin song trivia. Dean spots a girl eyeing him warily but focuses back on Nick when he shows him something else he found – some flower petals found at the latest crime scene. Ones like it have been found at every scene. He doesn't know what to make of it but Dean might. He's seen them somewhere before.

Cut to those flowers in a vase in Cara's office. She and Sam have been going through the security footage but didn't see anyone. They start talking about relationships and she offers him a drink of liquor. He accepts, having several through the conversation. She's doing most of the talking and definitely pushing up on him. Sam doesn't answer his phone when it rings and she kisses him. Behold, office sex on a table, his arm knocking into that flower vase.

When Sam returns to the motel way later, Dean's not there. He finally calls him back and Dean lets him know about the flower petals at the crime seen – hyacinth found in the Mediterranean. Like the one's in Cara's office. Dean's in his car and found out Cara's only been in town for two months and her ex-husband Karl (who she told am about) suddenly dropped dead after two months of a heart attack (which she didn't mention). Sam doesn't think she's the siren and denies sleeping with her when Dean asks. But he knows and isn't pleased. He also wonders why he has a thing for "banging monsters," bringing up Madison the Werewolf Girl and Ruby. Sam denies being under a spell but Dean doesn't trust it. He's going to handle things by himself. Sam's ticked and throws his phone. Meanwhile Dean leaves Bobby a message about Sam before calling Nick to help with canvasing.

Nick found the pub where Cara's just arrived by cab and Dean gets in hss car, stating he wants to wait and see who she comes out with. Dean explains he thinks she's drugging the guys, either through injection or through the skin. He takes a sip from a flask and passes it to Nick, who also obliges. As Dean takes another hit, Nick suggests it could be through saliva as well. Dean and I have the "oh crap" reaction at the same time. Nick starts saying that he should be Dean's little brother, that Sam can't be trusted the same way. Dean really ought to kill him…and Dean agrees. Double crap.

Cut to Sam walking into the motel room. He sees Nick sitting on the bed but doesn't see Dean was waiting to the side of the door. Dean grabs sam, holding a knife to his throat. After telling Dean to cut Sam's throat just a little (which he does), Nick launches into Bad Guy Speechifying 101, explaining how watching someone kill for you out of utter devotion is the best feeling evah. Dean didn't want a bimbo in a g-string, he wanted a little brother to idolize him. "Nick" just loves falling in love but gets bored easily. Sam calls him a needy, pathetic loser but his defiance is sadly short lived. Nick grabs Sam's mouth and squeeze-forces it open, shooting a spray of toxin from his mouth like a snake. Ew. Sam tries to spit it out but it's too late, a little is enough. Nick removes Dean's hands from his throat and Sam is clearly mystified.

Nick says they've got a lot to talk about and suggests they hash it out, whoever survives gets to be with him forever. Dean doesn't like that Sam is hiding things. They used to be in this together, have each other's back. Sam counters by saying he didn't reveal that he's hunting down Lilith with Ruby because Dean's holding him back. He says he's the better, stronger, smarter hunter while all Dean does is whine about all the souls he took out in hell. The boo hoo part Sam adds at the end is where the fistifuffs start. They punch and push and knock each other around, destroying bits of the room. Dean rams Sam through the hotel door. As he lays stunned, Dean breaks the emergency glass to an axe on a nearby wall. After a bit of goading from Nick, Dean tells Sam to say how he's holding him back right before swinging the axe…

…which Bobby catches, plunging a bronze dagger in Dean's shoulder right after. Dean falls against the wall in pain. Realizing he's in trouble, Nick takes off and Bobby takes a step, throwing the knife as Sam protests. Catching Nick in the back, he dies while seeing his twisted reflection in a hallway mirror. Sam and Dean recover from the spell, realizing what just happened and not quite looking at each other. Awkward. They kind of look like the moment you realize you just ate an entire bag of chips while watching tv – a mix of guilt and shame.

The next morning they meet up with Bobby who's brought them both a soda. They thank him for the intervention and he says it's nothing, adding all they had to do is pick up a phone to check if Nick was a real agent. Before he takes off, he adds that sirens are nasty and there's no reason to be ashamed that it got to them. Dean asks if Sam is going to say goodbye to Cara. He says no, he doesn't see the point. They both renounce the things they said, chalking it up to the spell, and agree that things are good before getting in the Impala. Only I don't know if they both believe it.

Assorted Bits & Pieces:

  • I had my suspicions about "Agent Nick Munroe" when he first showed up. Initially I wondered why he didn't have a partner then, when he looked like he was going to stick around the whole ep, I assumed something bad was going to happen to him. Which it did, just not in the way I was expecting. Good job at keeping me guessing. I didn't totally buy Cara as the siren but there was just enough reasonable doubt.
  • Dude, sirens are really, really mean. I guess "kill your loved one" is the new "wreck your boat" for them. And they're not pretty to look at in true form, especially that whole lack-of-mouth thing. Bleh.
  • The actor who played Nick did a really good job. His mannerisms totally changed after the reveal, especially during the motel sequence. I also like the actress portraying Dr. Cara Roberts. Kudos all around.
  • Hooray for Bobby! I know he can't be on every episode, but when he doesn't make at least a slight appearance for awhile, I start to miss him. I like how he pointed out either Winchester should've maybe called and checked on Nick's identity. Duh.
  • We're in that stretch of episodes where all the bits of info and plot relating to the season's overall plots are incidental to the Storyline of the Week. I don't mind that so much since they've been enjoyable eps for the most part. Also, it means we'll get a lot of critical episodes in a row which I dig for the sake of momentum. Things always seem more dire when the big, jaw-dropping stuff happens week after week.
  • Clearly what Dean said in the fight was real, but how much of what Sam said was? I'm sure Dean's wondering the same thing because that last scene by the car wasn't as hunky dorey as both brothers were making it out to be.
  • Which reminds me, besides looking for Lilith, what exactly are Ruby and Sam up to? Pulling souls to make Sam stronger, most assuredly. But I can't help but feel he's upped the ante on his abilities. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  • I think this is one of the few time where Sam got the "sons of bitches" line.

Quotes of the Week

"Hey, I read." – Dean to Sam after getting a weird look to his Odyssey reference

"If you're a siren in '09 looking to ruin a bunch of morons, where would you set-up shop?" – Sam regarding the logic of a siren operating in a strip club

"The middle of Basic Instinct and you just banged Sharon Stone." – Dean after figuring out Sam slept with siren suspect Cara

Your thoughts on this week's rollicking adventure? Did you suspect Nick from the beginning? Like the brief respite from Lilith and the broken seals? Did you freeze frame/slow motion your way through Sam's nookie scene?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks