spn bai castiel 'Supernatural's' 'Born Again Identity': Did Castiel redeem himself? Vote!Now that you’ve seen the most highly anticipated “Supernatural” episode of the season (and, er, the most controversial, if our comments section is any reflection), it’s time to evaluate. Do you think Castiel redeemed himself for his transgressions last year?

We were shocked in Season 6 to discover that Castiel had been working with Crowley behind the Winchesters’ backs. Initially, his intentions were good, but it’s hard to deny that the power went to his head by the season finale. When he broke the wall in Sam’s brain, he crossed a major line with Dean, and we weren’t sure he’d ever be forgiven.

This week, though, we saw a whole new side of Castiel.

As the amnesiac healer Emanuel — without any of his angel baggage to weigh him down — Castiel’s intentions were entirely pure and he recognized that Dean had been betrayed even before he knew he was the one who did the betraying. Once he finally remembered his past, complete with a fantastic action/flashback sequence, he was guilt-ridden and beyond remorseful.

Back in Season 6, Castiel promised Dean that he’d ultimately fix Sam, but we stopped holding our breath for that early this season. This week, he didn’t even hesitate when given the opportunity to take all of Sam’s pain and torment on himself instead. He made the ultimate sacrificeby taking Sam’s place trapped in a room alone with Lucifer. And unlike Sam, Castiel is immortal — his torture may be eternal, if Sam and Dean (and Meg?) don’t find a way to relieve him.

Our hearts were particularly warmed by the fact that before Castiel even fixed Sam, it appeared Dean had already forgiven him. The moment when Dean returned Castiel’s trenchcoat to him was our favorite in the entire episode, proving that Dean had never given up on the idea of seeing his friend again.

We were a little surprised that Dean seemed so willing to leave Castiel in the institution, but he has always prioritized Sam.

We’re eager to hear your reactions to Castiel’s big return. Vote in our poll below and then sound off in the comments section!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie