supernatural jensen jared 2 'Supernatural's Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles don't get 'Twilight' treatment, do get used underwearWe’re all TV fans here, Zappers, but just how low would you go to get the attention of your favorite leading man?

Zap2it was on the scene in Vancouver at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to “Supernatural” on August 29, where stars of the CW’s horror show mingled with fans.  Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have always been vocal about thanking their considerably obsessed admirers.

“The fans of Supernatural’ are pretty cool. They’re not crazy ‘Twilight’ fans. They actually have some self-respect,” Ackles jokes. “I think we’re lucky in that aspect.”

Jensen may want to be extra-nice to those “Twilight” obssessors, because he’s likely to face their wrath when “Supernatural’s” latest vampire episode – titled “Live Free or Twi-Hard” airs this fall.

Though Ackles and Padalecki may not have reached Edward Cullen levels of adulation yet, they have had their fare share of disturbing fan experiences. “I’ve gotten some pretty interesting presents in the mail,” Ackles admits. He sighs. “God love them, my parents receive stuff.”

Addressing his fans, he says, “I’m sure none of you are, but — look. Don’t send my parents stuff. Especially spells. With, like… used underwear.”

Padalecki, always ready with a retort, pipes up, “I sent it anonymously though, and the underwear was just slightly used. Used sounds so bad. They were loved.”

For the most part, the guys say that their fan encounters have been pleasant. They credit “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke for not selling out the show.

“This isn’t a show that’s out there to be famous or to elicit more response from certain demographics,” Padalecki says. “We have a very strong creator, and Kripke stayed true. We had offers from Coca-Cola who wanted to put stuff in the episodes, and he was like ‘No, I want to stay true to my story, true to my characters.'”

As much as we’re happy with the show’s lack of commercialization – give or take a few well-placed cell-phone GPS plugs – we wouldn’t mind seeing more of its stars. Padalecki says we shouldn’t hold our breath for that – he and Ackles aren’t interested in being commodities for the sake of ratings.

“You’re not going to see Jensen and Jared on the red carpet of some body spray,” he explains. “That way, people who are fans of us are fans of our work. They’re not like ‘Oh my god, I think I’ve seen you on the cover of something! Aren’t you famous or something?’ So the fans we meet say, ‘I dig your show, I dig your work,’ as opposed to… ‘Let me smell your used underwear.'”

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Photo: CW

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie