jensen ackles voice 'Supernatural's' Jensen Ackles and 'Chuck's' Yvonne Strahovski voice '3rd Birthday' video gameJensen Ackles had his first taste of voice acting as Red Hood in “Batman: Under the Red Hood,” and apparently he liked it. The “Supernatural” actor’s distinctive gravelly voice will be heard again in this spring’s “The 3rd Birthday,” a shooter game developed for PSP as the third in the “Parasite Eve” series. He is cast opposite “Chuck’s” Yvonne Strahovski.

Strahovski plays Aya Brea, a woman with the unique ability to “overdive,” or enter other peoples’ bodies. Strahovski says that she was intrigued by the character because of a chink in the armor.

“The vulnerability thing I really like. Often times you come into these characters and they’re straight up really strong, confident women. I seem to have played a few of them now – strong, confident women,” she laughs. “What I liked about Aya was that she is vulnerable at first. People can relate to her because she’s more normal. She’s a normal girl that’s put into this situation, and she’s the only one that can do this overdive thing.”

Ackles plays Kyle Madigan, who has a romantic past with Aya but has gone missing in the beginning of the game. Ackles notes that the female lead is what makes the game particularly unique. “[Kyle] is a supporting role and he’s supporting to the female lead, Aya,” he says. “I think that’s an attractive thing about the video game, aside from the incredible graphics, which are kind of mind-blowing, you also get to play from the first person, the focal point of the story is a female lead. That was kind of an interesting thing. As far as Kyle goes, he kind of plays the love interest to Aya, so he’s there for moral support until some bad things happen to him.”

Add that to your long list of things to love about Jensen Ackles — he’s not afraid to stand back and let a woman take the spotlight.

Strahovski adds, “There’s a lot of emotional content, and there’s a story. It’s very well rounded in that way, so I think fans can look forward to quite an experience. It’ll be kind of like watching a movie, I guess, and getting lost in this world.”

strahovski ackles video gam 'Supernatural's' Jensen Ackles and 'Chuck's' Yvonne Strahovski voice '3rd Birthday' video game

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie