jensen ackles dawsons creek 'Supernatural's' Jensen Ackles turns 33: Happy birthday! Have a career retrospective with your cakeThese days, sharing a birthday with Justin Bieber has got to be pretty rough. It’s kind of like being born on Christmas, if Christmas was all about a 17-year-old pop star with perfect hair. Still, Jensen Ackles has held his place in the Twitter trending topics since the calendar page flipped to March 1. We’re pretty impressed, especially considering the “Supernatural” big bro doesn’t even have his own Twitter page.

Zap2it does a ton of “Supernatural” coverage, but today we thought we’d do something different. In honor of Ackles’ 33rd birthday, we’re going into the vault. While he’s undoubtedly best known for his role as the incomparable Dean Winchester, “Supernatural’s” most recent episode reminded us of Ackles’ younger days when it featured a clip of his run on “Days of Our Lives.”

First of all — “Days” fans may remember when in 1998, country’s then-darling LeAnn Rimes was a very special guest star. She played a teenage runaway named Madison who crushed on Eric Brady (Ackles).

After wrapping up his soap opera career in 2000, Ackles went on to play Ben, a psychotic serial killer, on James Cameron’s “Dark Angel.” Ben was killed off quickly, but the producers liked Ackles so much they brought him back as Ben’s clone, Alec (also known as X5-494, because that’s the kind of show it was). We’re still a little bitter that the show was canceled before we got to see Alec and Max (Jessica Alba) hook up.

Which brings us to our favorite, “Dawson’s Creek,” in which Ackles played CJ, a love interest for Jen (Michelle Williams). Of course, before the Jen stuff worked out, he hooked up with Audrey (Busy Philipps) first, which didn’t make her boyfriend Pacey (Joshua Jackson) too happy. It made us happy, though, because it gave us the awesomeness below. (Also because it broke Pacey and Audrey up, which led him back into Joey’s arms.)

Happy birthday, Jensen! We’re really, really, really glad you’re on “Supernatural” now.


Posted by:Carina MacKenzie