supernatural jim beaver returns 'Supernatural's' Jim Beaver returns: Will he become an angry spirit?The only thing we love more than a hilarious “Supernatural” episode is a hilarious “Supernatural” episode that leaves us with a welcome case of emotional whiplash.

This week’s episode, “Party On Garth,” was mostly light-hearted monster-catching fun, complete with a visit from the hilarious, barely competent Garth (D.J. Qualls). After giggling through the Winchesters’ boozy antics, though, we suddenly found ourselves on the opposite end of the spectrum when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) finally talked about the possibility that they’re being haunted by Bobby (Jim Beaver).

Despite multiple strange coincidences, which we saw in a rather unnecessary flashback montage (we got it the first time!), and Bobby’s old flask giving off EMF, Sam had already ruled out Bobby’s spirit hanging around. He revealed to Dean that he’d attempted to contact Bobby shortly after his death, to no avail. But either Sam’s getting rusty or Bobby was too preoccupied with Dean at that time, because the lovable curmudgeon was most certainly still keeping an eye on the Winchesters.

In the final moments of the episode, we saw Bobby, though Dean couldn’t. Clearly, Bobby’s been working hard to catch the Winchesters’ attention. “I’m right here, ya idjit!” he said. “Balls.” We never thought we’d be so glad to hear his grumbling again!

Beaver’s ghostly return was kept quiet from fans — his name wasn’t even listed in the “guest starring” credits at the beginning of the episode. Spotted in Vancouver recently, he told fans that he in town working on a movie about an abominable snowman.

“My abominable snowman movie was never a
reference to Padalecki. Pure coincidence. Anyway, sasquatch doesn’t
equal abominable snowman,” he teased on Saturday, after the cat was out of the bag.

Don’t worry, “Supernatural” fans — that certainly wasn’t the last we’ll see of Beaver this season. Bobby is determined to keep an eye on the Winchesters, and to keep up his established pattern of saving their butts. He still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. We’ll see him again when the show returns April 20. When the Winchesters take on an old school haunted house case, they’re up against a very powerful ghost, and they’ll definitely need Bobby to step in again.

The question is, how long can a ghost ride in the backseat before he becomes an angry spirit and the Winchesters are forced to torch the flask?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie