love bites jim beaver 'Supernatural's' Jim Beaver snags 'Love Bites' guest roleFollowing a guest-starring gig in the “Law & Order: Los Angeles” pilot, “Supernatural” star Jim Beaver has nabbed a gig on Becki Newton’s NBC rom-com, “Love Bites” as a truck driver.

Sources confirm to Zap2it that Beaver will appear in an upcoming episode.

“Love Bites,” which will premiere mid-season, is an anthology-style show which features three stories in each episode, all of which are united by a common thread.

In this particular episode, Beaver’s character is that thread, appearing in all three independent stories. His first day on set was Wednesday, Oct 6, and he’s got four more days of shooting scheduled.

“First day on “Love Bites” was nice. Sweet people, sweet show,” Beaver said on his Twitter, reminding fans that despite the title and the recent vampire craze, “Love Bites” is fang-free. He shares some photos of his character’s tattoos as well, commenting that the network requested that the make-up artists draw a bra on his naked mermaid. “Prudes.”

Beaver’s multiple guest appearances don’t threaten his “Supernatural” gig, so don’t worry, Bobby fans. Since Beaver is technically a recurring player on the show, not a regular, he’s able to freelance while he’s home in Los Angeles. We’ll next see him in the Bobby-centric episode that airs October 15. He’s also expected to be in Episode 6 and Episode 11.

jim beaver love bites 2 'Supernatural's' Jim Beaver snags 'Love Bites' guest rolejim beaver love bites 'Supernatural's' Jim Beaver snags 'Love Bites' guest role

jim beave love bites 3 'Supernatural's' Jim Beaver snags 'Love Bites' guest role

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie