jensen ackles jared padalecki jim beaver dungeons 'Supernatural's' Jim Beaver: Will Bobby become an angry spirit?When Bobby died on “Supernatural” back in December, there was some ambiguity as to whether we’d ever see him return. Though people tend not to stay dead on this show, it’s very rare that a goodbye is as poignant and powerful as the episode “Death’s Door” was for Bobby, so we weren’t sure if we’d ever see Jim Beaver on the show again.

He, too, was skeptical as to whether Bobby would be back. “I wasn’t particularly happy about [the death],” Beaver tells us. “I’m one of those people who’s very comfortable with the status quo; change is always a little bit scary. They said that I would be back, but they didn’t say exactly when, or in what kind of condition. At the time, it was iffy, and I was a little concerned. I knew that everybody liked me and liked the character and all that, but I’ve been on shows before where that was the case, and gotten a bullet in the same part of the head. At least on this show that’s not always the end of the story.”

Now that Bobby has returned as a ghost, even growing strong enough to reveal himself to Sam and Dean, there’s still a question of how long he can function that way. According to “Supernatural” mythology, most spirits who aren’t reaped eventually grow restless and angry. Bobby’s prospects aren’t particularly good, especially given the fact that the Winchesters are still trying to avenge his death by killing Leviathan Dick Roman.

In Friday’s upcoming episode, Dick resurfaces — and Bobby isn’t too happy about it. We’ll see him struggle to contain his rage against his murderer, but the anger might get the best of him as it starts to get in the way of his quest to help Sam and Dean.

jim beaver bobby grave importance 'Supernatural's' Jim Beaver: Will Bobby become an angry spirit?Usually, when we talk to actors whose characters are exploring dark sides, they’re delighted by the opportunity to play bad — for example, it’s no secret that Jared Padalecki’s a big fan of Evil Sam. Beaver, on the other hand, wasn’t particularly enamored of the idea of Bobby turning into something that the Winchesters might have to hunt.

“I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve gotten to play sequences where I was taken over by something evil, and it was really, really fun to play, but I wasn’t real happy about the idea of maybe turning into something bad,” he says. “But that’s just me. I want everybody to like me. What they chose to do was very dramatic. You know, I have a lot of trust in the writers. If you’re a worrisome sort like me, you sometimes get a little concerned about where things are going, but for the most part they’ve always done really well by me and by my character.”

We’re not sure Sam and Dean could ever bring themselves to torch the old flask that keeps Bobby connected to them, even if Bobby did turn bad. Luckily, there’s a good chance that Bobby won’t be banished for good at the end of Season 7.

“Things are left in such a way that I have hopes of returning, but there’s no guarantees, and I’m not being coy — I really don’t think anybody knows for sure what’s going to happen with Season 8,” Beaver reveals. “I’m fairly confident that we’ll get Season 8; I’m just not sure yet whether I’ll be a part of it.”

Do you think Bobby will turn into a spirit that Sam and Dean have to hunt? Drop us a line in the comments section below, and be sure to tune in to the new episode Friday at 9 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie