spn dean lisa large 'Supernatural's' Lisa Braeden returns: Is she the one for Dean?Now that Dean (Jensen Ackles) has his little brother back — at least until the brain-wall comes crashing down rendering Sam (Jared Padalecki) completely useless — he’s got a whole new set of problems coming to him. On tonight’s “Supernatural,” titled “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning,” Dean returns to the people he thought he’d lost forever when Ben calls to tell him that Lisa (Cindy Sampson) is in trouble.

Dean ditches Sam to go investigate, coming back into Ben’s and Lisa’s lives for the first time since he scared the crap out of them during his brief stint as a vampire.

Lisa made it pretty clear the last time she and Dean spoke that they couldn’t be together. “As long as [Sam’s] in your life, you’re never going to be happy,” she told him. Still, Dean found himself wanting to call her again and again. Now that Sam is no longer a sociopathic shell of a man-beast, is there a chance for Dean and Lisa to have something? Or will tonight’s episode bring closure to their relationship?

We at Zap2it love Lisa’s character. She brings out the family man side of Dean and gives us a glimpse into who he might have been if the circumstances of his life were different.

Dean has spent most of his life taking care of Sam. He had to be a surrogate father when he was just a child, because their own dad was often M.I.A., and throughout the series we’ve seen him constantly prioritize Sam’s well-being over his own. While Dean grieved for his brother who he thought was dead and trapped in the devil’s cage, Lisa was there for Dean, even while he was “out of his head with grief,” drinking too much, and unreliable. After all he’s been through, he deserved to be on the receiving end of a little TLC.

That said, our favorite thing about Lisa is that she’s not afraid to call Dean on his B.S. She wouldn’t let him play the martyr and she wouldn’t let his paranoia, however justified, impact her son’s life too drastically. She knows when to demand answers and when to trust that Dean knows what he’s doing, and she’s not willing to live in fear of the things that go bump in the night.

But can Dean and Lisa really make it work? Sam remains Dean’s priority, and as long as Dean is preoccupied by the flimsy wall in Sam’s brain, he won’t make much of a partner for Lisa. It’s a shame though, because we think Dean has it in him to be a great father figure for Ben. After all, he was Sam’s father figure for a long time… and look how great Sam turned out!

Okay, okay… bad example.

What do you think, Zap2it readers? Is Lisa the one for Dean? Will he ever be able to fulfill his dream of having his own family? Did you like him better with Jo before her untimely demise? Sound off below!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie