The latest internet video sensation is Goatee, the surfing goat belonging to Dayna McGregor in Grover Beach, Calif. KSBY out of San Luis Obispo first broke the story about the surfing animal and has since been picked up by media outlets all over the world.

And to think – her owner almost ate her.

“The main reason I got Goatee was to clean up the property with the weeds and the poison oak. I
used to live in Africa, and we ate goats in Africa … So my friends from Africa were coming in … and we were just going to eat Goattee” says McGregor.

But McGregor had grown too fond of his organic landscaper.

“I got super close, I fell in love with Goatee,” he says.

Last Thursday, Nov. 10, was McGregor’s 33rd birthday and so he decided to take Goatee out on a surfboard. Now he’s got a famous goat.

“I just think it’s all hilarious. It’s
just funny. Going with her everywhere and friends calling me up
everywhere and just going, your goats famous. You know it hasn’t gotten to her head yet. She doesn’t even know it and that’s probably a good thing,” says McGregor.

Heh. Awesome.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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