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Suri Cruise may be a super-famous kid, but even she has to deal with bullies. The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had to face an adult bully when a paparazzo called Suri a “brat” — and worse names than that — after the girl declined to pose for pictures.

As the above video shows, Suri was walking to a car with her mother and a friend when the paparazzi closed in. The little girl was not interested in the press at that point. Without a look at the cameras, Suri loudly insists that they “Get out of the way!” Later, the girl wanted the men to “Stop it!”

This behavior — however justified it may seem to most people — did not sit well with at least one of the reporters on the scene. As Suri disappeared into her car a voice on the video clearly says, “Bye Suri, you little brat!”

One of the other reporters is heard to immediately object to a grown man insulting a little girl that way, but the heckler insists he doesn’t care. The man instead adds that Suri is a “b****” and a “little brat kid.”

The paparazzo didn’t get his photo that day. And it’s safe to say that almost no one is likely to feel sorry for him now.

Posted by:Laurel Brown