suri cruise katie holmes cu Suri Cruise custody battle: Katie Holmes wants full custody in Tom Cruise divorceWhen news broke on Friday morning that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were headed for a split, we immediately worried how our imaginary BFF fake Suri would handle things. And then, after we were done worrying about that, we began to worry about real Suri.

It looks like things might just get ugly in the Cruise v. Holmes custody battle. According to TMZ, Holmes has officially filed for divorce — and she’s requesting a “suitable amount” of child support from Cruise, because she wants full custody of six-year-old Suri. “Katie’s primary concern remains, as
it always has been, her daughter’s best interest,” her attorney Jonathan Wolfe told People.

When Cruise split from Nicole Kidman, they had joint custody of their two children, Connor and Isabella, but the kids did choose to live full-time with Cruise before they reached adulthood and got their own place together in Los Angeles.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie