suri cruise katie holmes cu Suri Cruise custody details: Tom and Katie sort out childrearing rulesEven more surprising than Katie Holmes “blindsiding” Tom Cruise with divorce papers last week was, perhaps, her petition for sole custody of their daughter, Suri. Given how close Tom seems to be with his daughter, a joint custody agreement would have been expected.

Now that Katie and Tom have settled their divorce agreement — condensing a process that usually takes months into just 11 days of negotiations — there are some major stipulations regarding Suri’s care and upbringing. Now, TMZ has gotten some details about the arrangement.

Word is, Katie does technically have primary physical custody, but Tom gets “significant” custody and time with Suri, too — and Katie’s bodyguard and nanny do not have to be with Suri when Tom is with her. Those rumors are “100% false.”

The custody agreement is said to be “extremely detailed” about how the two are to parent Suri in the years to come. Apparently, there are notes about what Katie and Tom are and are not allowed to discuss with Suri when it comes to religion and Scientology. Those restrictions are to loosen as Suri grows older.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie