suri cruise haircut Suri Cruise haircut is of questionable quality: Street cool, or self cut?

Suri Cruise‘s new haircut is quite the new look for the young girl. After sporting simple long hair recently, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has debuted a very short, uneven set of bangs.

Is this cool street style, or did the 7-year-old take scissors to her own hair? Let’s face it, everyone at one point or another in their life figured they could style their hair better than a professional, and it seems as though that might have been the case with Suri here. That, or maybe she’s just more fashion forward than the rest of us.

Meanwhile Holmes has been growing out the blunt bangs she debuted in July 2012. Now Suri’s mother has a softer look, as she’s been parting her hair down the middle and letting the shorter bangs fall to each side of her face. Maybe Suri will also be sporting a new ‘do very soon as well depending on how well her parents take to her new style. What do you think of the bangs?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz