suri cruise katie holmes Suri Cruise has a temper tantrum, proves she's just like every other 5 year oldMuch ado was made over the weekend about Suri Cruise’s temper tantrum in New York’s famous FAO Schwartz toy store (Suri is pictured above with mom Katie Holmes, three years ago). The U.K.’s Daily Mail has the pictures of the daughter of Tom Cruise and Holmes crying in the store, and details about how her mother placated her with a lollipop and a toy, probably to avoid any further attention.

We have to say – it’s nice to see she’s just like every other five-year-old out there. Sometimes kids that age have tantrums because they don’t get what they want. So the commenters on the other pieces who are calling her a “spoiled brat” and “overindulged”? Apparently have never dealt with children of any kind.

And what parent hasn’t given in in order to stop the public display? If you’ve never given in to a tantrum in order to deal with it privately later, you must be a saint.

Frankly, given the amount of scrutiny Suri already endures because of her famous parents, we’re surprised she hasn’t had more public outbursts. Can you imagine what the paparazzi must feel like to a girl that age?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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