suri cruise Suri Cruise: Won't somebody think of the children?What about Suri? That’s the first question everyone seems to be asking after the announcement that her celebrity parents,  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, are divorcing after more than five years of marriage.

Suri, 6, is already trending on Twitter, with many tweets begging for updates to the snarky Suri Burn Book blog, in which a Suri imposter blasts fellow celebrity children (and sometimes adults; Joshua Jackson is a recent target). 

In fact, “Suri” released the following statement on the Burn Book Monday (June 30) afternoon:

“Please respect my privacy during this difficult time. (Just mine though — everyone else is fair game.)

“I will be vacationing in the Cayman Islands for the Independence Day holiday with my financier, and going over my plans to seek sole custody of myself.

“I appreciate the concern and the warm wishes.”

Mom Katie has reportedly already filed for sole custody of Suri and is asking the “Rock of Ages” star for  a “suitable amount” of child support.

The famous fashionista, known to occasionally accessorize her adorable outfits with high heels, is a favorite subject of paparazzi and, let’s face it, every celebrity news outlet.
But will it be enough to finance Suri’s extensive wardrobe?

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