ashleytrainer survivorsamoa 290 'Survivor': Ashes to AshleyTonight on “Survivor,” Foa Foa just can’t win a challenge. Again.

The Survivors are sent to the food challenge. Unfortunately, it’s not the auction challenge, it’s the eat-something-gross challenge. Jeff blends two ingredients and the face-off ensues. There are sea cucumbers, octupus, jellyfish, seaweed, sea noodle, sea slug guts, all manner of awesome things.

The tribes go one for one until the last face-off, which is Danger Dave for Galu and Ashley for Foa Foa. They get water and sea slug guts. Dave downs his and Ashley is struggling but gets down most of it. She’s down to swallowing what’s in her mouth plus one little swallow left in the glass and she quits. Weak, Ashley. Until you are horking on your own shoes you should not quit. At least try to finish!

So Galu wins. Again. Also, Russell from Galu has to send one person over to Foa Foa as the “spy,” but the catch is that person doesn’t get to eat the reward (steaks). Russell sends Shambo and she is NOT happy about, enough so that she bitches to him right there in front of everybody.

Russell sends her anyway and she tells Foa Foa that she’ll take a group hug in lieu of the steak. Man, if she can make it to the merge she is in good shape. Back at Galu, Danger Dave is being a know-it-all about the fire and Russell is getting annoyed. I’d get annoyed too. He can start fire, great. But he’s a total doucheknozzle about it.

Shambo keeps looking for the immunity Idol at Foa Foa but since the tree is empty people are getting suspicious. Liz is suspicious that Russell has it and she confronts him. That’s not a good idea, Liz. He’s like the Foa Foa Godfather. He’s going to kiss you, put out a bowl of oranges and then you’ll find a horses head in your bed.

Immunity Challenge. One man and one woman from each tribe each hold a net while the other tribe shoots coconuts into the nets. More coconuts = heavier neat. The tribe that lasts longer wins. The net-holders for Foa Foa are Liz and Russell, for Galu it’s Russell and Laura.

Foa Foa starts off really cold and Galu cannot miss, so Russell H.’s net gets quickly full. Russell drops first, so Liz is Foa Foa’s only hope.  Unfortunately, she just can’t keep up and drops soon after.  You know, I don’t blame either Russell or Liz. If their tribe could make a freaking basket it may have gone differently. I mean, did you see how many coconuts R & L had in their nets versus how many Russell and Laura had in their? Crazy.

Bad weather keeps Foa Foa from really strategizing because they spend the entire time before Tribal Council huddled up in their shelter. At tribal, we really don’t know who is going home. It’s obviously between Ashely and Liz but I don’t know who it will be.

The votes go Ashley, Liz, Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. Well, I don’t think Ashley was a bad player per se, but she’s who I would’ve voted for too on that tribe.

Hope this wasn’t a “Twitter” recap for you guys. Next week looks like someone goes down with an injury and the elements continue to pound everyone senseless.

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