survivor blood vs water tyson gervase caleb hayden 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Ciera plays it safe, much to our consternationOur castaways are being fairly dominated by Tyson’s game on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water,” with Ciera even going along with a vote to oust her mother. Can anyone topple Tyson?


Everyone at Kasama is acting so somber, like Ciera just sentenced her mom to death or something. At Redemption, Laura M is saying how tough it was — Vytas and Tina are surprised Ciera did it. C’mon guys, it’s not that serious.

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Redemption Island

Jeff starts things off by saying, “Ciera voted you out of this game. She voted. her mom. out.” And Ciera and Laura cry. Again with the melodrama. Stop, you guys. This is getting silly.

Anyway, the challenge is rolling wooden cubes through a rope tunnel, then stacking the cubes so that each side of the four-cube tower has no repeat colors. As the challenge starts, Tina gets behind on the block-rolling portion and then Laura wins — and starts helping Tina. Wow. That’s shady.

Guess there’s no rule against it, but it seems mean. Just let them compete. Booo. Vytas starts listening to Laura too and he almost pulls it out, but Tina beats him by mere seconds. Oof. That’s tough.

On his way out, Vytas says he thinks he and Aras will be a lot closer. And he only seems a little bitter. Laura gives Ciera the clue to the Hidden Idol and she burns it. That I don’t understand at all. Nobody knows Tyson has it, you might as well try to find it if you think it’s still out there.


The guys still seem strong, though Tyson is overplaying it a little that Katie’s the most dangerous player right now. First off, she’s not a challenge threat at all. Secondly, I’m not convinced Katie has Aras and Vytas’ votes. I think Aras would reward good game play and Katie’s been a total non-factor so far.

Either way, Hayden astutely says that you can’t sit around and wait for things to happen because then you’re the guy who gets blindsided. So he starts whispering to Caleb that they might need to take Tyson out at the earliest convenience.

Tyson is playing a great game — if he could get to the end, he should absolutely win. So can these newbies pull something over on him? Katie’s on board (of course, because she doesn’t want to be the target). Caleb and Hayden approach Ciera and she seems amenable. They just have to keep their darn mouths shut, because if Tyson even feels slightly threatened, he’ll play the Idol (though they don’t know).

However, Ciera then runs to Tyson and tattles. Nooo! She sucks. Read the writing on the wall, lady. Tyson will absolutely beat you in the end. You do not have a better chance with Tyson than you do with Hayden or Caleb. Ugh, you doof — you trade in a chance to flip the game and get out the strongest player in exchange to be the strongest player’s lap dog? You just lost yourself any chance at the money with that weak-butt play.

So now it looks like Tyson, Gervase, Ciera and Monica are going to take out Hayden or Caleb. That stinks. It would’ve been pretty awesome to see Hayden, Caleb, Katie and Ciera take out an unsuspecting Tyson (who is holding an Idol, no less).

In the morning, Caleb and Hayden are on high alert because Ciera has a terrible poker face and they can tell she’s probably turned on them.

She talks about how she’s glad she went with Tyson over Hayden and Caleb — why? Seriously, why? You proved you were loyal to him, big deal. So you’re playing for third place?
Because if you were part of the group that got Tyson out, you have a terrific argument for winning at the end. Whereas if you’ve just been the puppetmaster’s lapdog, you have no argument.

Katie, Hayden and Caleb are onto something suspicious going on, but really, there’s not much they can do about it if it’s a 4-3 vote.

Immunity Challenge

They have to hold a bucket that contains 25 percent of their body weight. As it gets harder to hold, the bucket will drop and then when the bucket’s gone, they’re out. But the twist is that they can sit out and chow down on steaks, chicken, sausage, etc. Wow. I bet Tyson and Gervase choose to eat. I bet no one else does.

I’m wrong — Ciera does, too. Wow. She is terrible at this! As if the others weren’t suspicious enough already. Geez. Wonder if Hayden, Caleb and Katie can turn Monica … now that would be cool.

The challenge starts and after 10 minutes, Tyson lets out a gross burp and Monica’s is the only bucket that hasn’t moved. And just like that, Katie is out. This is obviously going to come down to Monica vs. Hayden, they’ve got the most upper body strength.

Meanwhile, Tyson and Gervase are being kind of jerks with the food, joking around with it and whatnot. As Caleb’s hands start bleeding, he drops and it’s Hayden vs. Monica. Probst is pretty stoked at the two of them working so hard — mancrush and Monicrush. Hee.

And then Hayden drops — wow, Monica. Three immunities, that’s terrific. What’s the record for a female castaway winning individual immunities? I’ll look it up.

Turns out Kelly Wiglesworth, Jenna Morasca and Kim Spradlin have won four each. The overall biggest number is five Immunity wins — Colby Donaldson, Tom Westman, Terry Dietz and Ozzy Lusth.

Post Immunity

Hayden, Katie and Caleb decide they can’t trust Ciera, so what’s the new plan? Confronting Tyson. Hmm. Interestingly, Hayden tries to make it sound like Ciera’s the one who’s the bad guy — she’s playing both sides. And Tyson buys it. Wow. It actually surprises me that Tyson seems to be on board with getting Ciera out.

It’s hard to say just based on editing who seems more believable, but you’d think Tyson would realize that if Ciera comes to him first and Hayden/Caleb come to him second (especially after the display at the challenge) that perhaps it is Hayden/Caleb who are scrambling.

Either way, it’s a pretty baller move by Hayden and Caleb to save their butts — because getting Tyson to believe them is no easy feat. It’ll be interesting to see which way he and Gervase go.

Tribal Council

Probst stirs the pot about the three people who chose to eat instead of compete in the challenge — but he particularly targets Ciera. Then Gervase and Hayden kind of agree that they trust each other, which Ciera is sweating a little. She also says she’d be completely shocked if she’s voted out — should that be reassuring or a red flag to Tyson? I’m not sure.

During the votes, we only see Caleb vote Ciera (she did run her mouth too much) and Ciera vote Caleb. And then! Tyson feels paranoid enough to play his hidden Idol — if he can find it. So, does that mean he stuck with Ciera and Gervase, nervous that Caleb and Hayden voted for him? Or is he just making sure?

The votes go Ciera, Caleb, Ciera, Ciera, Caleb, Caleb and Caleb. So Tyson stuck with Gervase, Ciera and Monica but played his Idol just in case Ciera was going to flip.

Did Caleb and Hayden even consider talking to Monica? I wonder.

Next week: Hayden lays it out for everyone — if you keep Tyson in the game, he’s going to win the money. Preach, Hayden.

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