colton cumbie quits survivor blood vs water 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Colton Cumbie shows his true colorsWhen we last left our “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” castaways, Rachel had been voted to Redemption Island in the hopes that Tyson would leave Galang in order to save her.


At approximately 6 a.m. in the morning, Colton wants to decide who is going to sit out the next challenge. “I love ‘Survivor’ blah blah nobody wants to strategize blah blah this is so boring blah blah.” Oh, spare me, Colton. Just take a pill, dude. As Aras says, just relax and enjoy yourself for a while. You’ll have plenty of time to wheel and deal later.

Why in God’s name does this guy not play “Big Brother”? He seems ready-made for those shenanigans. “Survivor” is clearly not for him.

(No) Redemption Island (for Colton)

Interestingly, Tyson totally has Tadhana’s strategy pegged as to why they voted out Rachel. Rachel tells Tyson not to switch places with her, so he does not. But then Tyson throws some words toward Brad and Marissa jumps in about voting out the weakest players.

Well, there is something to that, but there are a lot of reasons to vote people out. Marissa needs to cool it, she is not making any friends (as Gervase rightly tells her, though like he has a lot room to talk — he can’t do anything without preening, even after nearly drowning during the swimming portion of a challenge).

And then Drama King Colton starts crying, saying he doesn’t want to be there, boooooo hoooo. He says he doesn’t care about his tribe and Probst calls him selfish for leaving and totally calls him out on not having appendicitis the time he quit before. He then keeps crying about how he hates how this game turns him into a person he doesn’t like. Well, whose fault is that?

And yes, it’s absolutely a case of “things aren’t going my way, I’m taking my ball and going home.” He couldn’t keep his marbles together and so when it started to seem hard, he punked out. Ugh, Colton is the worst. He’s the WORST. He’s a crybaby jerk who his fiance is way too good for, from what we’ve seen.

Don’t let the door hit ya, Colton.

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The Duel

The ladies are tasked with lining up tiles like dominoes, but it’s tricky because the track has hills and the domino bottoms are slanted so that they fit in certain places along the track. That would be a very hard challenge, we would guess.

Candice is the first to try knocking down her dominoes in order to launch a ball and break a plate. She wins and can give John another Hidden Idol clue. Unfortunately, Marissa then tries to early and Rachel bumps her track, so they both have to do some re-stacking (several times, it would appear). In the end, it’s neck and neck as they both start their stacks at the same time — but Rachel’s stack falls short and Marissa’s does not, so Marissa is still in it.

Rachel and Colton will be our interviews tomorrow, leave questions for them in the comments!

Galang Part II

They all think Colton sucks for quitting, plus it’s getting a little weird at camp because people’s loved ones are targeting other people’s loved ones, i.e. Monica’s husband targeting Rachel and therefore Tyson. Heh. It’s an interesting new element to the game.


Brad doesn’t like how he got called out by Tyson and Marissa at Redemption Island. Well, you stepped up to be the Alpha Dog, so you have to expect that. Meanwhile, John goes looking for the Hidden Idol and decides that he needs to give some offerings to the Alpha Dog, so he shares his clues with Brad. Oh, dude. DUDE.

That is the wrong choice. You tell somebody else, not the main meathead who is going to take the heat off you. What if Brad finds it first? That is the last person you want to have the Idol.

Immunity Challenge

It’s one of the knock-’em-down challenges, which is awesome. Will it actually be loved one against loved one? Because that’s kind of unfair for the Kat/Hayden and Monica/Brad matchups. Not only because the woman is so much smaller than her counterpart, but also because it puts the man in kind of a bad position. Do you knock your wife down? Do you not? It’s a no-win situation. And what do Laura, Caleb and Tyson do? Do they have to sit out?

As it turns out, the face-offs are man vs. man and woman vs. woman. Yeah, that seems more fair. Brad and Gervase are first and Brad fairly quickly dispatches Gervase, which is about right. Then Laura Boneham easily knocks out Katie, so it’s 1-1.

John vs. Aras goes to John and Ciera vs. Kat is … comically bad. They’re afraid to hit each other, then Kat just knocks Ciera back into the water with a tiny hit. Boooo. Hayden vs. Tyson easily goes to Hayden, so it’s 3-2 newbies. But Tyson has dislocated his shoulder and maybe torn a tendon? So he’s out for the rest of this challenge.

Tina goes up against her daughter Katie in the next matchup. Katie seems to have the upper hand, but Tina eventually wins, hee! Then it’s Aras vs. Vytas, which is kind of brutal even before they’ve started. Vytas says his brother is quaking on the inside and Aras looks nervous.

The match gets a little dirty when Vytas plays up being winded and Aras gives him a minute to regain his footing and Vytas takes the chance to cheap shot Aras. But Aras beats him anyway and then cries about it a little. Those two obviously have some deep-seated issues.

The potential final match-up is Ciera vs. her mom Laura, which should go to Laura if Ciera’s first bout was any indication. Laura cries about it, but then beats her daughter fairly easily. Galang wins its third Immunity in a row.

Pre Tribal

John is correct that the matchups should’ve been Hayden/Aras and Vytas/Tyson. For sure. That was a dumb move. But based on what we’ve seen so far, Ciera needs to go. Katie at least put up a good fight and seems to help out around camp — Ciera is basically useless.

We’re also with John in that it’s frustrating to watch people giggle and lollygag their way through a challenge loss. We know this isn’t life or death, but you’re out there to play hard and win and it’s annoying to feel that not everyone takes ti seriously.

But as soon as John wanders off to look for the Hidden Idol, Brad decides that John should leave so that they don’t have to worry about John reconnecting with Candice, since she’s been doing so well at Redemption.

The guys tell Katie and Ciera that they need to vote John so that it’s not one of them. Honestly, this is a good move for Brad alone, but this is not a great move for the rest of them, we think. You’ll just keep having to vote people off if you can’t win challenges and I’d take John over Ciera every day and twice on Sundays. Plus, we like John a lot more than we like Brad.

But Brad’s machinations have everybody else talking about voting out Brad! That’s terrific. Still a risk in weakening the tribe, but Brad is getting pretty big for his britches, you know? Tribal should be interesting.

Tribal Council

Probst wonders if it’s a guys’ alliance or just getting rid of the weakest players. Well, they haven’t been getting rid of the weakest players — Rachel and Marissa are arguably stronger than Katie and Ciera (at least Ciera). Brad bristles at being seen as the “kingpin” of the group, which — way to play it cool about the guys’ alliance — and also, reel it in, fella. You seem kind of unstable,

The Hidden Idol comes up and people are definitely leery (or “weary?) of John, but nobody seems that mad about him possibly having it. His wife is kicking butt on Redemption, after all. Who else would she give the clues to?

During the vote, we don’t see any votes. I suspect the people talking about getting Brad out were only talking and it’s John whose name we’ll see written down.

The votes go Ciera, John, John, John and John. Yep, you just got totally played by crazy Brad. That’s gotta smart a little.

In the tag, Candice is understandably dismayed that John is at Redemption. Seriously — could he not have worked harder at finding the Idol? Also, he definitely did not have a good read on his tribemates. Because we don’t think for one second that they are so slick that he couldn’t have figured out which way the wind was blowing.

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