survivor blood vs water finale live blog 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' finale live blog: Will Tyson Apostol go all the way?We’re down to the final four plus three Redemption Island inhabitants on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.” Who do you think will take home the money?

Hayden and Ciera tried to move against Tyson, but so far, his alliance has stuck by him. Do you think Gervase, Monica and Tyson can go all the way? If they do, do you agree with us that Tyson would win easily?

It’ll be interesting to see who comes back into the game from Redemption and if Monica or Gervase can be swayed to side with whomever that is and Ciera. Who do you think is more likely to flip on Tyson?

Join us here starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT for a live blog of all the finale festivities.

8:00 — Don’t panic, the episode is delayed six minutes because of NFL football.

8:07 — Let’s review the journey of the season, shall we? Loved
ones “torn apart,” as if they were put into an actual “Lord of the
Flies” situation. Oh, the humanity!

8:10 — Yes, let’s relive Colton quitting. If we never see him on “Survivor” again, it’ll be too soon.

8:14 — Seven minutes in, we are done with the video recap. The Big 3 are very nice to Ciera after voting out her alliance-mate Hayden, but Ciera still knows she’s in trouble. However, any of the Redemption people will align with Ciera, so if Monica can be swayed, Ciera could make a run at winning this. I feel like Monica is Ciera’s better chance over Gervase.

8:15 — Tyson is nervous about what Monica is going to do and he should be, because Monica is not a dummy. She knows if she plays both sides, she’s guaranteed final 3.

8:16 — Tyson is nervous about what Monica is going to do and he should be, because Monica is not a dummy. She knows if she plays both sides, she’s guaranteed to be in the finals.

8:17 — However, I would like to point out that if Monica wants to win, her best argument would be against Gervase and whoever comes in the game from Redemption. But she probably can’t pull off that Final 3.

8:20 — Hayden fills Tina and Laura in on what went down last Tribal and the three of them are very obviously going to side with Ciera no matter who goes back in the game. Hayden likes his chances against the “grandmas,” but don’t count those grandmas out, H.

8:22 — The challenge is not going to be easy. It’s a balancing act — you must keep your foot steady on one end of what is essentially a teeter-totter. A vase is on the other end. When the vase falls, you’re out.

8:25 — Laura, the perpetual duel winner, is struggling a bit at first but gets it back. Then 15 minutes later, she makes another crazy save — as Hayden wipes sweat out of his eyes and slips just like that. Bummer for Hayden.

8:26 — Laura asks Tina to let her have it, which is

interesting. Tina says, “No way, sister.” Doesn’t it possibly not make any difference to who goes back in? Ciera and whomever it is still have to sway Monica, then at the end, I don’t think either Laura or Tina beat Ciera for the money. Tina certainly doesn’t because while she’s a very strong woman, she has not played an amazing game and she’s a former winner. Are they going to vote for her to win again? Hmm.

8:27 — And just like that, Laura drops her vase and Tina wins.

8:28 — Laura is upset that she didn’t finish strong, but Jeff argues that she finished strong because she gave 100 percent. She says, “What good is winning six, seven challenges if you can’t finish it?” and Ciera cries and tells her how proud she is of her. And then she says her mom taught her how to be a better friend and a better mom and … wow, is it dusty in here? Lordy. See you, Laura. You did great.

8:35 — Back at camp, Tina and Ciera go on an Idol hunt, but of course, we all know this is in vain. After they don’t find it, Tina and Ciera go to work on Monica, who is probably their only hope.

8:38 — Tina tells Monica that the entire jury is really mad at her for not being loyal to them, which is an interesting tactic. Ciera more plays up to Monica’s ego about her game, which is a betteer strategy. And it’s not just blowing smoke. Monica’s won a lot of challenges. But she has to make a good strategic move or she won’t have a chance. She has to know that, right? She cannot beat Tyson, but if she is part of Tyson’s ouster, she has a very good argument against Ciera.

8:40 — The Immunity Challenge is super creative, I love this one! It’s balancing a table by holding on to a rope while you walk back and forth picking up 10 blocks that have to remain standing upright on the table. It’s super tricky and really allows for lead changes, which is great.

8:41 — As Probst says, it’s a terrific tightrope to walk between brazen and reckless, because you want to be fast, but you can’t be too fast. The women get off to a great start, but then they drop their blocks and Tyson takes the lead.

8:43 — It comes down to a race between Monica, Tyson and Gervase, but no one can catch Tyson and he wins. He was very even-keeled in this challenge, wow. So, now he’s got a big individual win under his belt. You guys, you cannot take him to the Final 3 if he doesn’t win the next Immunity. You cannot. You will not win against him.

8:48 — Everybody says back at camp what I suspected was the case, that that challenge was really fun. It looked fun.

8:49 — The Big 3 are wondering who they should vote out and Gervase says he thinks Ciera, because he can beat Tina more easily. I agree 100 percent. Ciera has a big argument and Tina does not. But Monica says the jury loves her, but Monica’s not thinking. Just because the jury doesn’t blame her for their ousters doesn’t mean they’ll hand Tina another million dollars. Gervase has a way better handle on this game. I would prefer Ciera to stay, but keeping her is a bad move for the Big 3.

8:50 — Monica says she’s tired of being bullied by Tina and lady, let’s not get crazy. That word gets tossed around way too liberally these days. However, Gervase leans pretty hard on Monica to vote Ciera out and she balks at his strong-arm tactics, so she does at least entertain the idea of voting out Gervase.

8:52 — Can the women come together and vote out Gervase? Hmmm.

8:54 — At Tribal, Probst wastes no time in pointing out that it all depends on what Monica decides to do. She likens herself to being a first-round draft pick. Um, OK. Then the word “villain” gets tossed around in reference to Tyson and Gervase and again, let’s not get crazy. They aren’t burning socks and emptying canteens, you guys. The coconut thing was a little devious, but not egregious. Tyson and Gervase have played a great game and they aren’t villains. Gervase correctly says that he’s stayed true to his alliance, which is what good guys do. He’s absolutely right. Just because one side is the underdogs doesn’t make the other side the “villains.”

8:56 — Tyson defends himself, saying he has never called Monica his “lapdog.” I honestly don’t remember, but I haven’t ever gotten my hackles raised at the way Tyson has referred to Monica. She’s been in his pocket this whole game. That’s just truth. She’s in his alliance, but he’s in charge. And that probably is a hard truth for Monica to swallow, but it doesn’t mean he’s been saying nasty things about her.

8:56 — Monica then totally lets the cat out of the bag

when she says she’s ready to make a strategic move for herself.

Everybody knows she just referred to voting out Gervase! Monica,

you know Tyson has the Idol and he could play it for Gervase, what

are you doing?!

9:02 — Then lo and behold, before the votes are read, Tyson gives the Idol to Gervase. Um, no kidding. Now, this is the last night he can play it, so probably Tyson was going to do that all along, but the episode has certainly been edited to imply that Monica just totally screwed the pooch with her big mouth.

9:03 — Ciera gets voted out 2 votes to zero, as the two

cast for Gervase did not count. But during the exit speech, they

show that Monica voted out Ciera. So, Monica never had any intention of flipping. Bor-ing. Tyson just did the Idol thing just in case, but probably more because he had to use it now or never.

9:05 — Snake! And Tina says she’s pretty shocked that

Ciera got kicked out. Yeah, I’m not shocked but I’m super bummed.

I really wanted Ciera to win. But now I’m rooting for Tyson, he has definitely played the best game.

9:06 — Everybody is feeling the heat about winning the final Immunity, though Tyson probably feels the most nervous. He’s got the far-and-away best argument to win the game, so this is the time the other three may take him out.

9:12 — The Immunity Challenge is interesting. It’s an

obstacle course race for puzzle pieces, then solving the puzzle

that gives them clues to the combination lock to raise their flag.

Remember the days of a 13-hour final Immunity Challenge? Good


9:13 — Interestingly, as they run up some stairs, Gervase

very politely, in my opinion, says, “On your left, on your left!”

to Monica because he is going to pass her, but Monica moves and

blocks him out. Wow. Not pulling any punches here.

9:14 — So, that waterslide is awesome. Just tossin’ that out


9:16 — Going into the puzzle, Tyson, Gervase and Monica

are neck-and-neck. Tina has fallen a bit behind, but, I mean, she

is 52, a good decade older than Monica and Gervase and nearly two

decades older than Tyson, so good for her for even still being in

it. This looks exhausting.

9:18 — What’s nice about this is that the puzzle doesn’t

hand you the combination, so someone could still catch up if you

can’t solve the clues. Helps make it a bit more interesting. Oh —

and you have to go back down the slide to get information!


9:18 — And just like that, Tyson wins. Wow. So, he should

win in a landslide, right? In fact, if he’s smart, he’ll get

Gervase and Tina to vote out Monica because she’s his only threat

to win. Guess they all should’ve gotten rid of Tyson before now, huh?

9:24 — Gervase and Monica have a good time ribbing each

other about her body-checking him on the way up the stairs. Nice

to see Monica admit that was a little sneaky-sneaky. It’s not that

we’d call that a dirty move, it was just like — oh, OK, that’s

how it’s gonna be.

9:27 — It’s interesting, the guys are wondering if Monica

could possibly beat them in the end, while Tina is working on

Monica voting out Gervase because in the event of a tie, Tina

thinks she can beat Gervase at building fire. Hmmm. This might be

a surprising vote because Monica is irritated she didn’t know Tyson was going to give Gervase the Idol at the last Tribal.

9:30 — The body-check gets brought up at Tribal, with

Gervase wondering what the point of that was. Well, if you want to

win, you play tough. It’s not like she put two hands on his chest

and pushed him down the stairs.

9:33 — Gervase says that a big move still looms large

because you need to be able to argue that you made one. Then the votes

go Tina, Tina, Gervase and Tina. Man, no big surprises at all. Kudos to Gervase and Tyson for staying loyal to Monica — it would’ve been quite a move to drop her before the finals, since she’s been such a challenge winner. This season had a lot of potential after the drawing-rocks episode, but it has really fizzled. Very predictable.

9:38 — The Final 3 get their feast. What do you think the

final vote will be? Will Monica or Gervase get any votes? From

what we’ve seen as viewers, Tyson has owned this game but it all depends on how bitter the jury is. Also, it’s a

shame no newbies made it to the end.

9:40 — They don’t make us watch the final fallen Idols

journey! That’s AMAZING, show. A hearty thank you.

9:43 — In opening statements at Tribal, Gervase makes an argument that he took 13 years off from his first time playing the game and then made it to the finals. Hmm. That’s not a bad argument. Monica argues that she’s stayed loyal to her alliance but she also says something weird about being “more like them” if she’d gone with Hayden/Katie/Ciera, which is odd. You might not want to offend your jury members. Then Tyson argues that he knew he had to get to the end after everybody voted out Rachel as a move against him, instead of just playing to have fun. He chokes up, which seems genuine, but the tear-wiping is a bit much.

9:50 — Question time. Vytas reveals that he’s a bitter Betty. He says that his last promise to Tyson was that if Tyson votes him out, he’s not voting for Tyson to win. Man, that’s bitter. Grow up, Vytas. But he also says he doesn’t want to vote for the other two, either — Gervase because he rode Tyson’s coattails and Monica because she voted against his brother Aras.

9:51 — Katie’s beef with Tyson is that after she drew the

white rock, he snottily told her the jury seat over there was

hers. That’s not as bad as Vytas’ problem with Tyson — that was

pretty mean of Tyson, definitely piling on unnecessarily. But still, what’s with all the bitterness? Is that comment enough not to vote for him? We shall see.

9:53 — Caleb wonders what Gervase did in the game and he

argues that his move was letting Tyson take all the heat for his

moves. Hmm. He then asks Monica to be vulnerable about something.

She says her whole life has been about her husband and how it’s

never been about her and today is her chance for it to be about

her. She’s proud of herself and hopes they are proud of her. It’s

compelling, but is it kind of a smoke-and-mirrors argument? What

did she really do in the game? Tyson got all the blood on his

hands. Would you guys vote for Monica? She may have had a journey of self-discovery and feeling strength and empowerment, but she also kind of rode Tyson’s coattails.

9:55 — Ciera wants to know if Tyson is a hero or a villain

and he says he’s not a villain, so he must be a hero. What does it matter? Do you really care, Ciera? Then she wonders

if Gervase would have ever voted out Tyson and he says he would

have at the right time but he decided to stick with Tyson. Well,

that and the fact that Tyson won the last two Immunities and you

couldn’t vote him out.

9:56 — Laura wants to know what Monica’s ugliness is and

Monica says she’s completely out of place in the game. Huh? Monica

then says … something about how she’s fought against two guys

that weigh twice as much as she does. Well, yes, but you are all

getting very few calories and the challenges aren’t weight-based

(and if they are, it’s proportionate, like percentage of body

weight), so I don’t get the argument. She could just say she beat

them and not make it sound like she beat them and was at a huge

disadvantage, because she really wasn’t. Hmm. But Laura seems to

really like her answer. Perhaps that’s Vytas and Laura voting for Monica?

9:57 — Tina wants one word that best describes the core of

who they are. Monica says generous, Gervase says honorable and

Tyson says fun-loving.

9:58 — Hayden wonders when Tyson found the Idol, Tyson tells him that it was in a bird’s nest and that he was “one step ahead” of Hayden and Hayden says, “Touche.” Hee. Monica then says she made Brad the man she is, but

Hayden tells her she’s been kind of fake out there. Interesting.

And she cries a little, because how do you argue against that? How

do you convince people you aren’t fake? She insists she’s nice and

neat and not selfish but I’m not sure A) what Hayden is getting at and B) what Monica is arguing.

10:00 — Aras wants them each to pick the winner out of the

two other people they are sitting next to. Gervase and Monica each

pick Tyson and Tyson picks Monica. Wow! That surprises me but it’s nice that he’s honest. But I

think it demonstrates Aras is voting for Tyson. I think by saying “game awareness,” he tipped his hand that he thinks Tyson played the best game.

10:08 — During the vote, we only see Caleb vote for Tyson

(and he says he hopes Tyson and Rachel make a lot of babies, which is adorable) and Vytas vote for Monica. Hmmm. Also, Laura seems conflicted. Are we about to be surprised?

10:10 — The votes go Monica, Tyson and then the rest for Tyson and we have our winner of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” by a vote of 6-1. Congrats, dude. You played an awesome game.

Thanks for joining our live blog. Check back with Zap2it Monday for our interviews with the finalists. What do you think, gang? Did the right person win?

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