laura boneham survivor blood vs water 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Laura Boneham teaches us how to win friends and influence peopleWhen we last left our intrepid castaways on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water,” Kat was shipped off to Redemption Island. When she gets there, she blasts her tribe members, making us kind of giggle when she calls Tina’s daughter a tag-along.

Redemption Island

In the morning, Kat is crying and worried that Hayden is going to be upset with her and ashamed of her. OK, we’ve actually spent a lot of time with Hayden and he’s a really good guy. Seriously, he’s so super nice. There’s no way he would feel that way, though it’s kind of alarming that Kat thinks so.

She cries when they arrive at the arena and starts blubbering out an apology. Probst questions them and Hayden says he doesn’t view her any differently and his relationship is more important than the game. So Probst challenges him to take Kat’s spot right now.

Honestly, that’s not fair, Probst — all game he has kind of been acting like the male halves of the couples should be stepping up to protect their women and the way we see it, the returning players should be sacrificing themselves for their newbie loved ones because it’s about having played before vs. giving someone new a chance, regardless of gender.

Now, yes, Hayden has played (and won) “Big Brother,” but “Survivor” is a different game and he should get his chance. He should not have to sacrifice himself in some kind of Probstian challenge.

Then Kat tears up and says she wants Hayden to switch with her because she doesn’t think she’ll do well in the duel. He asks her what is better for them long term — who has the better shot to win the game — and she has to admit that Hayden is better to remain in the game.

It’s so awkward that they have to discuss this just right out in the open. Way to put a giant target on Hayden’s back, talking about what a great guy he is and what a chance he has to win. And they’re both crying. What is this? Ugh.

Anyway, so the duel is untying knots for a machete, chopping rope to drop a bag of puzzle pieces and then building a flame puzzle. Yeah, we don’t love Kat’s chances, but you never know. She does get a decent start on the knots, but she and Laura are neck-and-neck for second going into the puzzle.

Probst pipes up, “Kat struggling just to get the pieces out of the bag” and “Kat still has yet to place one piece.” Dude, you might as well have just said she’s a complete moron. Don’t be a jerk, Probst. Plus, he is slathering John with praise *coughmancrushcough*

John finishes fairly quickly, then Laura is looking at John’s puzzle while Kat sees that as cheating. Kat has the correct piece for a spot on the puzzle and she just can’t make it fit. Turn the piece, lady! But it’s too late, Laura wins. You should’ve been looking at John’s puzzle, Kat. If Probst says it’s not cheating, it’s not cheating.


Hayden is crying about Kat going home. These people are acting like the “Big Brother” crazies with the way they cry all the time. The person is not shot after they leave Redemption — we know they survive, we interview them every week. Promise.

Later, Hayden admits it’s kind of a relief that Kat’s gone because now he can play his game and be a little more cutthroat. There you go. That’s a way better attitude than crying about it.

Aras goes off to commune with nature, which is a huge mistake, because Tyson and Gervase immediately start working on their tribe about taking out Aras or Vytas because they’re a dangerous pair in the game.

Ciera is down with it — of course, she has no alliance and needs one — but she also rightly points out that they can trust each other because none of them have a loved on the other tribe whom they trust more. The five of them are loved-one-less, which makes them a strong alliance. For sure.


Vytas and Katie are having some beachy time and Tina talking-heads that she’d be honored if Vytas took an interest in Katie and that she’s ready for grandbabies. Tina’s the cutest. We don’t even think she’s being sexist with her “drag Katie back to his cave” comment, because you know she means it in that her daughter maybe doesn’t have the most game when it comes to men.

The ladies all seem to like him a lot, but they agree later that he has to go. He really does — Aras and Vytas have to be split up. Laura B. cries about it, but she knows what they have to do.

Immunity Challenge

Four tribe members are chained together and then must navigate a series of obstacles to collect bags. The fifth member will then use the balls and chains inside to create bolos and throw those at a target.

Tadhana sits out Ciera. That’s … maybe a good call, but we feel like the smallest person would be beneficial to have on the chain gang? Maybe not. We’ll see.

During the obstacles, it turns into a giant mess of bodies but both tribes are pretty much even going into the bolos, which stays even at two for a bit, until Tyson pulls it out for his tribe. Well, not looking good for Vytas.

During their picnic, Hayden says the future looks bright. So bright he’s gotta wear shades, you might say.


Back at camp, Laura B. cries and just blurts out that they’re voting out Vytas! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, LAURA?! She says a blindside’s not fair and … wow. She says maybe he can be at peace knowing he’s going home. Oh, lord.

She talking-heads that she feels like she took the bull by the horns and she’ll get some respect out of it from the other women. Lady, you gotta read a room. You are low woman on the totem pole. Monica and Tina are returning players, so they have that connection, and Katie is Tina’s kid! You are the low woman, you need to keep your head down and your mouth shut!

And predictably, the alliance is upset that she just did that without even asking them and how can they trust her if she’s such a loose cannon?

Now, if the ladies are smart, they’ll realize that Laura is crazy and they should keep her just for that reason, whereas Vytas is likable, strong in challenges and he has his loved one on the other tribe, so they should still vote Vytas out. But Laura did not do herself any favors with that maverick move of hers.

Tribal Council

Jeff naturally wants to know what on earth Laura was up to earlier today. The girls say that the alliance should have discussed Laura’s big move before she just did it on her own. Vytas points out that Kat went home because she proved untrustworthy, which is kind of what Laura just did too. For sure.

Laura eventually says she feels like she’s coming into her own this game. Well, that’s one way to put it. We still suspect Vytas is leaving, though.

But we are mistaken! The girls switched and voted Laura B. out. Well, that’ll teach ya. We think that strategy-wise, however, that was maybe not a great move. Laura is trustworthy, she’s just kind of a nut. She’s someone you keep around to keep the heat off yourself.

Next week: It’s a duel that may not favor John, plus the merge!

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