laura morett boneham survivor blood vs water 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Laura Morett vs. Laura Boneham at Tribal CouncilTime to find out how the epic duel between “Survivor” castaways Brad, John and Candice will go at Redemption Island, plus the show has been teasing a blindside for this week, so we’re excited about that. And can the newbies finally win a challenge? Let’s find out!


The tribe cannot believe what just happened at Tribal Council. It was a pretty awesome TC, though also super confusing. The editing last week was very weird, I thought. Hayden laments that he and Vytas are screwed now but that remains to be seen. Hayden and Vytas seem to be in pretty good shape, I think.


Laura M. is working her massage mojo on Aras and it is not going unnoticed by the other tribe members. Aras says he’s not being swayed, but that also remains to be seen. Stranger things have happened. But for now, he insists that he has an alliance with Gervase, Tyson, Monica and Tina and it does not include Laura M.

Meanwhile, Laura Boneham feels very excluded from her tribe. Yeah, that would be hard.

Redemption Island

Brad, don’t act like Caleb learned that move from Colton. Colton is a terrible “Survivor” player. But yes, Caleb made a great move for his game. Anyway, so Brad waves the white flag at Candice and John, who are pretty shocked that he’s there.

John comments, “Way to go, five guys,” but perhaps Caleb got wind of Brad’s “well, four guys and a gay guy” comment and decided he could kick rocks. Marissa told us in her exit interview that Brad said stuff like that all the time.

In the morning, it’s duel time. Monica cries about Brad being in the arena and she offers to take his spot, but she doesn’t really do it with much heat and he says no. He then insists he’s not a jerk. Hmm. Monica cries that Candice hurt her feelings talking bad about her husband. Granted, Candice was mad over second-hand information, but let’s not cry about it, Monica.

Anyway, the challenge is making a plank bridge and then solving a puzzle made from the planks. Candice jumps out an early lead, but the guys catch up and it’s a dead heat when they get to the puzzle — John first, Brad second and Candice third.

John ends up winning and then Brad gets his puzzle right before Candice. Drats. We were enjoying Candice. Also, the Galang tribe is going bonkers over Brad’s win. And Monica once again throws the Hidden Idol clue in the fire.

Galang 2

Monica is suddenly scrambling a bit to shore up her alliance, since now suddenly her counterpart is in danger of leaving. She’s definitely on Tina’s radar and Tina’s a pretty savvy lady, so Monica better watch it.

Tadhana 2

It’s time to talk about how gross everybody is — bug bites, open wounds, missing toenails. Seriously, guys. We get it. Stop showing us your nasty feet. Then Vytas hilariously talking-heads, “We’re all kind of licking our wounds,” and he means it figuratively, but you know the editors plopped that in there on purpose. Heh. And also — ew.

Vytas also says that Caleb is not necessarily to be trusted after what happened with Brad, so he’s trying to bond with him and shore up the three-guy alliance. Caleb is not exactly sure which way he’s going to “swing,” but then he gets confused and says he’s “big kahunas,” and based on context and the pluralization, we think he might’ve meant “big cajones.” Either way, Caleb thinks he’s in charge.

Before we can get to the challenge, it’s the “it’s so nice without Brad” montage. Vytas is doing yoga and getting right with himself. It certainly looks like the place for communing with nature, that’s for sure.

Immunity Challenge

There’s an awesome water slide where you have to grab a ring and land it on a post at the bottom, first person to do it in the face-off gets a point. First to five wins. The reward is steaks and a wok, or fishing gear. I’ll say this rigiht now. If Tadhana wins, I’d take the steaks. The merge cannot be far off and then you’ll have fishing gear. You need that guaranteed protein, you can just parcel it out over a few days.

Galang sits out Monica, Laura and Laura and here we go. Round 1 is Caleb vs. Gervase and Caleb scores a point. Round 2 is Tyson vs. Hayden and Tyson ties it up. Kat vs. Katie in Round 3 goes to Katie, then Vytas vs. Aras quickly goes to Vytas and it’s 3-1. Can this be the comp they finally win?

Tina vs. Ciera goes to Tina, but then Tyson vs. Caleb goes to Caleb and it’s 4-2. Hayden against Gervase takes a minute, but finally Hayden wins and that’s Tadhana’s first win. They take the steaks. Uh, yeah.

Jeff makes some “right now” vs. “rest of the game snark but it’s like I said — there will be fishing gear in short order when they merge. You gotta go with the guaranteed meal right now.

Pre Tribal Council

Laura Boneham is understandably nervous because she’s an outsider plus she brings no loved one to the table in a merge situation. She makes a play by telling Kat and Tina that Laura M. and Monica were mad that Kat did the challenge instead of them, trying to sow some seeds of discontent. Except she kind of annoys the crap out of everybody, so.

However, Aras decides that the easy vote is not necessarily the best move, so he talks to Tyson about taking out Laura M. because she might beat Brad (she has shown some puzzle prowess) and then Monica would be theirs, no husband to worry about.

There’s not that much wheeling and dealing, though, which would make us think, if we hadn’t seen the promos teasing a blindside all week, that Laura B. is the one going home. As it is, Laura M. doesn’t even seem like much of a blindside, so we have no idea what is happening.

Tribal Council

Jeff talks to some of the early seasoners (Tina, Gervase) about how the game is so different now. Tina says she’s played more in five days out here than she did the entire time in Australia. Seriously, that season was kind of boring by comparison to the show now. If they hadn’t had the Michael burns, Alicia finger-wag or the granola bar-gate, there would’ve been very little happening.

Talk turns to loved ones and how hard it is to be concerned for their loved ones out there. It’s certainly different for, perhaps, children or spouses versus nieces, boyfriends or siblings.

The talk is then turned to Laura Boneham and her tribemates are nice about saying she’s a part of the tribe, but Laura M. says that she hasn’t felt the sting of having her torch extinguished. And that’s when we were sure Laura M. was headed home.

During the vote, we only see the Lauras vote for each other (we see other “Laura” votes, but no initial, so). The votes go B, M, M, M, M and M and that’s it.

Next week: Time for a switcheroo!

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