rupert boneham survivor redemption island 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Rupert Boneham battles at Redemption IslandIt’s time for the first elimination on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” — who do you think will go home out of Rupert, Candice and Marissa?

Redemption Island

It should be against the rules to call the first vote a “blindside.” How can you be blindsided at the first Tribal Council, especially if you haven’t formed an alliance yet? Guess what — if you haven’t formed an alliance, there is one that you’re not a part of.

Interestingly, at challenge time, everybody is crying about their loved ones being safe or voted out, in Gervase’s case. Geez, you guys. It’s been one day! Stop crying!

Marissa informs the returnees that she was voted out pretty much because of Gervase’s celebrating at the challenge and he just vows to keep doing it. OK, then. He also doesn’t take her place in the challenge.

The challenge is moving wooden spools through an upright maze and stacking them on top. The first two to get all 10 spool on top will stay alive. But the first person to finish gets to pick a person to give a clue to for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Nice.

Rupert starts a little roughshod in the challenge, but he quickly figures out it’s more about being deft than quick. However, he loses his entire stack when he has 8 and has to start over. Candice, meanwhile, has a very steady hand and finishes first. Marissa has one left while Rupert is already back to 5 and then like that, Rupert is the first person out of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.”

He reassures wife Laura that she’ll be fine in the game and he leaves, saying he doesn’t regret his choice to take her place. And then Candice, of course, gives her husband John a clue to the Hidden Idol.


There’s a backrub chain going on and Colton is having none of it. He says he came to play “Survivor,” not “Red Rover.” What does that even mean? That game can be brutal, first of all, and second of all, why are playing “Survivor” and backrubs mutually exclusive?

Anyway, so Colton approaches Aras, Gervase and Tina about an alliance but they don’t want him to talk about the game until they lose an Immunity Challenge. Well, that’s dumb. We’re with Colton on that one.

After Redemption Island, everybody’s proud of Laura for taking it so well that Rupert is gone and she points out that she’s not a pair anymore, so she’s not a target. Meanwhile, Colton is snotting about how nobody is playing yet and how he needs to get everybody riled up so he can run the show.

Why do we suspect this will come back to bite Colton’s butt? And then no sooner do I type that than Colton starts some stuff with Tina and Kat, it’s … not even clear what’s happening right now.

Then Colton decides to address the entire tribe about … nobody even knows and neither do we. He’s causing drama for the sake of causing drama and it’s going to get him voted out if they lose. He’s such a numbnuts about everything. Slow your roll, Colton.

In the morning, Colton is worried that now he’s the target. Um, duh. Stop being such a lunatic and maybe you won’t be.


Rachel (Tyson’s lady) has observed that there are more men than women and that’s a problem for the women, so she’s working on forming bonds with the men. It’s smart. But Ciera and Katie think it’s suspicious that she doesn’t want to strategize with the women — who she “should” be strategizing with. Hmph. That is a load of crap and those two girls need to get their heads in the game.

After the Redemption Island challenge, the newbies’ guy alliance starts strategizing by talking about who is likely to switch with their loved one. Vytas thinks Rachel is an obvious target because Tyson will switch and weaken the returnees tribe. It’s a smart idea. Of course, John is not on board because he doesn’t want someone strong like Tyson goign up against his wife at Redemption Island.

This twist certainly has made the machinations more interesting than normal.

John starts working on his Immunity clue and chooses to work on it on his own. Dude, that’s the way to go. You don’t want someone else snatching that thing up after you gave them a clue.

Immunity Challenge

Three people tied together will roll a fourth person around in a barrel to different stations where they raise flags and collect balls. Then the remaining three people will use the balls in a triangle where they must get one ball into each hole. First tribe to do it wins. Galang sits out Kat.

We would HATE to be the person in the barrel. It’s Katie for Tadhana and Non-Rupert-Laura for Galang — that would be a rough, rough gig. Yuck.

Going into the balls, it’s neck-and-neck, with Tadhana with a slight lead. The ball throwers don’t have to take turns, so the strategy is to let one person go for a while — Hayden for Tadhana and Gervase for Galang. They are also neck-and-neck, but in the end, Gervase pulls it out for Galang. He preens again, shouting that this one’s for Marissa. Um, you wouldn’t have to dedicate it to her if you’d reined it in the first time, dummy.

At least this time your preening is warranted, Mr. Terrible Swimmer Guy.

Pre Tribal

We would guess Ciera and Rachel are in danger this time around, since Katie did so well in the challenge. The guys want Rachel because they think Tyson might take her place on Redemption Island. John argues that if Tyson doesn’t rise to the bait — and we don’t think he will — they need to keep Rachel over Ciera because she’s stronger.

The guys are worried John is not on board with their alliance because he wants to keep Rachel, so they talk to Katie and she brings up the worry that if John has the Idol, he might save Rachel. Surely he would not be that dumb.

Meanwhile, Ciera is freaking out because she’s the “decoy” vote that they tell Rachel to vote and if he uses the Idol, Ciera goes home. Hayden says he’s “weary” of John and his possible Idol. No, dude. It’s leery or wary. You’re not weary. Not yet, anyway.

But their suspicions of John are having the guys’ alliance possibly ready to blindside John. Oooh, that would be kind of fun, though we suspect it’s more for editing purposes that there’s talk of this. It would be kind of dumb to get rid of John at this point.

Tribal Council

The women are definitely nervous about the men in the tribe having an alliance. Hayden … dude. He more or less says there’s an alliance. Way to play it cool, slick.

Jeff is intrigued by the idea that they might make a vote based on who is likely to take a loved one’s place at Redemption. Then it’s time to vote, wow that was quick. We only see John vote Rachel and Ciera vote John.

The votes go John, John, Ciera, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel and Rachel. So, who voted for John? Ciera and Katie? Huh.

Next week: Does Tyson take Rachel’s place? And is Colton a big ol’ baby? Yes to that second one.

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