aras vytas survivor blood vs water 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': The Brothers Baskauskas think they're in chargeOn the latest episode of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water,” it’s time for one of the Redemption Islanders to rejoin the game — who ya got, John or one of the Lauras?


But first, Vytas makes sure he has the women wrapped around his finger, spinning tales of the four of them plus Aras and Gervase in a strong alliance of six. But he’s totally full of it. It’s a good strategy, these women are eating out of Vytas’ hand.

Redemption Island

Laura B. spins her tale of woe, but you have to think John is doing a happy dance in his head about who he is competing against in the duel. Laura B. says it’s a huge mistake for Galang to take out her instead of Vytas and we have to say — she’s 100 percent correct. She’s an easy vote later, plus she won’t defect to team up with her loved one because she doesn’t have one anymore.

But let’s find out who is re-entering the game. Dun dun dun.

Interestingly, Ciera is not sure she wants her mom to come back into the game because they have opposing alliances now. Hmm. That could prove fun to watch, but I’m still rooting for John. He’s really proven his mettle out there, I’d like to see him back in.

The challenge is a cling-to-a-post competition. Will John’s size help or hurt him? Turns out it hurts him.

Twenty minutes in, John is struggling, while Laura B. is clinging and Laura M. looks cool as a cucumber. And then John is out, dang. That’s a bummer. Well, it’s Laura M.’s to lose at this point, Laura B. is slipping — and then she’s out.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Ciera and her boys vs. Laura M. and Galang. I’m inclined to think that Ciera will bring her mom into the boys’ alliance because Laura might still be miffed at her tribe for getting rid of her.

As the gang leaves the arena, Aras rattles off his alliance in a talking head — Galang (the originals) plus Vytas and Katie. Will Ciera, Caleb, Hayden and Laura M. be able to do anything against those seven? Are those seven even truly aligned together?

Kasama Tribe

The new tribe doesn’t take long to start strategizing, with Hayden smartly being a little worried about which way the wind is blowing. Ciera tells her mom that Hayden and Caleb are her alliance, but she also names Tyson and Gervase as part of her alliance and that Aras is next to go. A lot of this first vote hinges upon which way Tyson and Gervase are leaning.

Tyson isn’t sure yet but one thing he does think is that he can find the Hidden Immunity Idol based on what Hayden revealed from what he knew from Brad’s clues — which was dumb, Hayden. C’mon, dude.

And just like that, Tyson has the Hidden Idol. Seriously, the clues seem to be pretty straight-forward, how did Brad (or anyone else) NOT find it?!

Meanwhile, Vytas and Aras go off to gloat about how they have the numbers, though Vytas is skeptical about trusting Tyson (as he should be, Tyson’s a slick guy). Either way, they say Laura is the first target — though why Aras says she makes everyone uncomfortable is kind of weird. She seems fairly nice and normal. These two are perhaps getting a little big for their britches, it’d be kinda funny to see Laura and Ciera knock Aras out of the game.

That night, Tyson and Monica scheme about taking out Aras, so it would appear Tyson and Gervase are aligning against the Brothers Baskauskas. Hilariously, though, Monica will not shut up about the plan. She claims she can’t trust Tyson because he won’t say he’s 100 percent with her, but in reality, she’s one of those people who has to constantly hash and re-hash and re-hash her strategy.

She would be smothered with a pillow in the “Big Brother” house.

Immunity Challenge

It’s a Memory Challenge, which is refreshening. Always nice to see something that doesn’t favor the brawniest competitors. The trickiest thing about this challenge is that it goes so slowly. You have the combo in your head, but then it takes FOR-EV-ER to get through the answers, so it’s probably easy to get confused.

People start getting knocked out on the second symbol, which is kind of surprising. You couldn’t even remember two things? Wow. After the first set of symbols, only Laura, Ciera, Aras, Vytas and Gervase are left.

Then Laura and Ciera are out quickly, then Gervase and it’s the brothers facing off for Immunity. On the last symbol, Vytas pulls it out and Aras may be in some trouble at Tribal.


Vytas is preening pretty hard about not only winning but not needing Immunity because he and Aras have this on “lock.” Hmm. Aras brags in a talking head that the guys are voting for Laura and the girls are voting for Ciera in case Laura has the Hidden Idol.

However, Tyson and Gervase think they have Hayden, Caleb, Monica, Ciera and Laura voting out Aras, with Laura talking something kind of kooky about throwing votes Tina’s way in case Aras has the Idol.

That, to me, says that the vote-Aras alliance does not have its ducks in a row because wouldn’t Tyson try to shut that down so they don’t accidentally split their votes when there’s no Idol going to be played by Aras and end up sending one of themselves home by mistake?

Again, there was not much footage of pre-Tribal time, which is highly suspicious. I don’t like that, I prefer to have a better sense of what is happening.

Tribal Council

Jeff brings up an interesting line in the tribe of the three pairs versus the five individuals, which is not really a problem at this time. Tyson sums it up nicely that it’s about who you trust the most, not whether it’s a loved one pair or a lone wolf.

It’s a fairly uneventual Tribal, which is not surprising given the lack of footage from pre-Tribal. The show is not showing many cards tonight.

During the vote, we see Katie vote Ciera, Gervase vote Aras and Aras vote Laura, which seems to spell Aras’ doom. Tyson and Gervase were definitely the swing votes this week and it seems like they’ve chosen a side.

The votes go Laura, Laura, Ciera, Ciera, Aras, Aras, Aras, Aras and Aras and that’s enough. Tina looks perturbed. To his credit, Aras is very polite on his way out and says, “Well played, guys.” It’s also easy to be nice when you’ve won the game already.

And Redemption Island is not over, Aras is headed that way.

Next week: Tina is mad, plus the food challenge. Yes!

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