survivor blood vs water final six 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Unbelievable   Ciera steps up big timeIt’s the same old story on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” — can anyone make a move against Tyson?


Back from Tribal, Hayden makes a bold move by congratulating Tyson on his good move, but also telling the whole rest of the tribe that Tyson is playing the best game. No one can beat him at the end. But then weirdly Gervase starts yelling about how he’s part of it, he’s just as in control as Tyson. Nobody actually believes that, Gerv. Sorry.

Anyway, Tyson is pretty annoyed that Hayden “threw him under the bus,” but what else was Hayden supposed to do at this point? Hayden correctly points out this is his only shot. He needs people to move against Tyson and the only way to do that is to make them realize none of them can win against him (which they can’t).

When Tyson, Gervase, Ciera and Monica are alone, they agree Hayden needs to go. Hmm. We’ll see.

Redemption Island

Caleb calls out Tyson and Gervase for their word not meaning much, which is true, but this is also a game. He’s mad and that’s understandable, but … eh, they aren’t bad people that you can’t trust in the real world. This is not real life. Gervase defends himself by saying Hayden and Caleb tried to do them dirty first, which is also true.

The challenge is stacking clay cards. First two to build an eight-foot tower (or the two with the highest stack at the end of 30 minutes) win. Wait, a time limit? What is that about?! Since when do “Survivor” challenges have time limits? *pfft*

It’s a bit of a learning curve and Laura is the fastest in figuring out how to build her stack — and just like that she’s safe. Wow, that was speedy. Interestingly, with three minutes left, Caleb is pretty short-stacked (heh), but Tina’s tower seems to be a little precarious, so he catches her.

It’s pretty intense with one minute to go … and then Caleb’s tower falls over. I actually gasped as it started tipping, “Oh no!” Man, bummer. It’s one thing to get beat if you both have tall stacks and she just out-builds you, but to be so far and have your tower tip over? That stinks.

Laura gives the Idol clue to Ciera — there should be one out there now.

Kasama II

In a move that just adds to the laundry list of stuff Ciera does that completely baffles me, she reads her Idol clue to her entire alliance. Yes, because what Tyson needs is another Idol, you doof. Think ahead, girl! Open it in secret, find the Idol and protect yourself. Who are you playing this game for?!

Hayden and Katie start trailing the other four, trying to figure out what the deal is with the clue. The cameramen, in a fun bit of editing, show the Idol hidden right above Hayden’s head. Wow, dude. Wow. Best time to use “If it was a snake, it would’ve bitten me” ever.

And then Tyson finds it. Good lord, you guys. This isn’t even fun anymore. This is like that season where they just handed Boston Rob a million dollars.

Ciera should be flogged for the way she’s playing this game. And no one is going to beat Tyson at the end. How can you keep helping him? Open your eyes!

But then an interesting thing happens — Gervase is irritated that everybody thinks Tyson is running the game, so he approaches Hayden about a possible move. Hayden says he’s got Katie, but Gervase has to get Ciera or there’s no dice.

Frankly, Monica and Ciera seem way too in-Tyson’s-pocket to ever do anything other than what he tells them. C’mon, ladies. Put on your big girl pants and play the game.

Nothing against Tyson, mind you. He’s playing an excellent game and he’s funny. But as a viewer, I like things to be interesting. This season has gotten mighty boring the past little while. And if Hayden goes home? That’s all she wrote. Snoozefest.

Immunity Challenge

It’s an obstacle course, but you have to balance a ball on an ever-increasingly tall pole. At the end, you have to use sandbags to knock down nine targets. First to finish wins. Well, if Hayden can go slow and steady on the obstacle course, he definitely has a shot.

The obstacle course has a steep learning curve — the ball on the pole is a tricky, tricky aspect. Monica is doing very well at this, she’s steady as a rock. Look at her arms. Dayum, girl. Also, Katie should probably just stop before she gets a concussion from her ball falling and knocking her on the head. Hee.

Gervase was almost as fast as Monica on the obstacle portion and then he starts knocking down the targets left and right for the win.

Now this is interesting. Gervase winning is actually better than Hayden winning. If Hayden won, the alliance can easily send Katie home. But now, Tyson won’t suspect a thing. This is the time for a blindside, dude. Get Hayden, Katie and Ciera and blindside Tyson. He’ll never play his Idol if his BFF has the Immunity Necklace.

Anyway, Gervase gets to pick people to eat sundaes with him and he picks Monica and Tyson. Can he be swayed to go against his left-hand man?

Pre Tribal

Gervase says he’s in a good position no matter which way he decides to play it, which is fairly accurate. While he and his cohorts stuff their faces with ice cream, Hayden starts working on Ciera — look at the long-term game, who do you think goes home next week?

But she straight-up says in an interview that she has no intention of moving against her alliance. Um, no kidding. You have made that abundantly clear. Baaaah. Baaaaah.

Perhaps everybody should listen to Hayden, since he won a game similar to this a few years ago — you have to have the resume to win. You have to have an argument for what you did, not just that you rode Tyson’s coattails to the end.

Gervase is kind of deluded in thinking that he has just as big of an argument to win the game as Tyson. He absolutely doesn’t. Gervase and Ciera are sheep! Baaaah. Monica too.

Hayden is ready to let the fur fly at Tribal, but it’s … most likely going to be him going home and this game is going to be super boring for the last few weeks.

Tribal Council

Hayden says Tyson is controlling his alliance and Ciera smirks, “Let him think what he wants to think.” Oh, girl. Stop. Plus, Gervase sits right there and demonstrates to Ciera that she’s on the outs. It’s Gervase/Tyson/Monica and Ciera is playing for fourth place and doing their dirty work.

Then Monica tries to argue that Ciera switching is bad because “four is better than six.” Um, hello? If she switches, it’s three-three. If one of you goes home, she’s now up three-two. And no sooner do I type that, than Hayden points that out too.

Gervase then argues “liar, liar pants on fire” to Hayden’s “math.” Good lord. I mean, I get that Gervase and Monica are scrambling to convince Ciera, but they’re doing a terrible job of it. And yet, it probably won’t make any difference because — baaaah.

Probst is doing a terrific job at stirring the pot by continuing to point out how Ciera is in fourth-place in this alliance, while Hayden whispers to Katie and Ciera “Monica.” Innnnteresting.

Tyson assures Ciera that she’s not fourth, so Jeff and Hayden then point out that if Ciera’s not fourth, then Monica is fourth. One of them is fourth, because SURELY they are not dumb enough to think that Tyson and Gervase don’t have each other’s backs.

Hayden keeps arguing about making a big move and let’s do 3-3 and draw rocks, but then the weirdest thing happens.

Hayden says something about not wanting to “rustle feathers” and Tyson does the sn
otty thing that smart people do when they want to be jerks and he corrects Hayden. “It’s ‘ruffle feathers.'” (And he’s right, that’s the phrase). But then Tyson looks like an idiot too when he goes, “Russell’s a first name, ruffle is” and Hayden then corrects Tyson by saying, “Rustle, r-u-s-t-le.”

Both of you shut up, it’s time to vote.

During his vote, Gervase is a total jerk, talking about how this isn’t “Big Brother,” you’re about to get a lesson, blah blah, “Haydone.” Clever. You know what? Hayden has a million dollars and you don’t. And while he may have gotten taken out of this game, you aren’t going to win because you didn’t make a move against Tyson. Who’s the bigger fool?

The votes go Hayden, Hayden, Monica, Monica, Hayden and MONICA! No way!

I take it all back, Ciera! Look at you, making a move. I’m not sure she can beat Hayden, but at least she has an argument now — plus Hayden already won a million dollars, which is a strike against him.

Anyway, the re-vote goes Monica, Hayden, Monica and Hayden. That means it’s deadlocked and instead of the fire-building challenge, the four voters have to come to a consensus or else Tyson, Ciera and Katie have to draw rocks (Gervase is safe). And it takes about 30 seconds to agree to draw rocks! Whoa. So not only did Ciera change her allegiance, but she’s in danger now! Killer move, great argument if you make it to the finals.

Katie gets the white rock, which is slightly anti-climactic. It would’ve been amazing if either Tyson or Ciera had gotten eliminated, Katie is the easiest outcome. Hmph. However, this leaves a more interesting dynamic in the tribe, so that’s cool.

Because Hayden lives to fight another day and if he’s got Ciera and Laura comes back into the game? Or Katie or Tina? They’ll go with Hayden/Ciera. So yeah, this game just got INTERESTING.

Which is all I really wanted. Good show, “Survivor.”

Next week: Will Tina fold for her daughter? And what will Ciera and Monica do?

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