survivor blood vs water vytas tribe shakeup 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Vytas against the women in a tribal shakeupBased on the commercials running all week, it’s tribe shakeup time on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.” And just when Tadhana finally won one, too.


Laura Boneham is happy to be still here, while Tina is murdering some kind of metaphor about an octopus. Octopi don’t have legs, Tina. The next morning, Tyson and Gervase think perhaps the next vote is the time to cut Aras, before he can reunite with his brother at the merge. Gervase wants to be the chess master and not the chess piece this time, you see. Hmmm. We aren’t sure these two can really be some kind of braintrust, but you never know. We also thought no one would EVER give up Immunity at Tribal Council and Erik totally did, so.

Redemption Island

Ciera is sad to see her mom voted out and Laura assures her, “We’re still in this.” It’s interesting to see who is so sure they’re playing as a duo and which pairs are not really like that. Anyway, Laura won’t let Ciera take her place on Redemption.

The challenge is racing over a balance beam for pieces that are numbered 1 to 100 — then you just have to put them in order. Hmm. Talk about throwing an easier puzzle out there when the really-good-at-puzzles lady arrives at Redemption. Trying to throw John and Brad a bone?

And then we realize each bag has the numbers sequentially, so bag one has 1-10, bag two has 11-30, bag three has 31-60, etc. etc. That is so easy! This challenge is kind of a joke. We thought the bags would be completely random. Hmm.

Laura still has a sizable lead going into the final bag, with John in second place. And then Laura wins it and John takes second. Good for them. Brad is out. Not gonna cry over that one. He’s kind of a big burly doof.

Anyway, Laura gives the Hidden Idol clue to Vytas. He chooses to burn it. Huh. And then it’s switcheroo time. Drop your buffs! Everyone gets to randomly choose a new buff off a tray (they’re covered). It ends up being Gervase, Tyson and Aras moving to Tadhana (Gervase, Caleb, Aras, Tyson, Hayden and Ciera) and Vytas and Katie going over to Galang (Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura B., Kat and Vytas).

Well, if there’s a physical challenge, we know which tribe our money’s going to be on.


Caleb is pretty wary of the new guys, but he, Ciera and Hayden still just immediately start spilling the beans about everything. Like, everything, Hayden and Caleb tell Tyson what they know about the Hidden Immunity Idol clues. Guys! Try to find it yourselves and don’t tell anybody else.

And then Tyson and his cohorts start chowing down on the food that’s around camp, which Hayden is upset about but he doesn’t say anything. Sure, let them eat the food and ALSO tell them about the Hidden Idol clues. That’s very smart.

Tyson is also trying to paint Aras as a bossy bully, trying to plant the seed with the newbies that it’s Aras they need to target.


It’s a big hugfest over at Galang, with Tina very excited about her daughter being there. I’m not sure I’d be so excited. That spells target to me. In the chaos of the merge, you could stay under the radar. But now? This makes Tina a huge target, I think. But perhaps not, as the girls seem to think Vytas needs to go.

Vytas reads the writing on the wall and he immediately starts opening up about his incarceration and his drug addiction and honestly, he gets the ladies eating out of the palm of his hand. Not to minimize what he went through, but he’s playing this perfectly.

Immunity Challenge

This challenge involves pairs from each tribe retrieving fish traps one at a time until they have three, then a puzzle with the pieces inside the traps.

During the first pair, Laura B. and Tina leave the trap in the cage. They untie the gate and leave the trap and just swim back! WTF. Double u. Tee. Eff, you guys. How do you forget that?! That’s like forgetting to swim out there or forgetting you have to do the puzzle!

Wow, so, OK, Tadhana has a HUGE lead going into the puzzle and in a remarkable turn of events, Tina and Monica manage to catch up on the puzzle. But they don’t get it exactly right and Tadhana wins anyway. Well, valiant effort. If Tina and Laura hadn’t been total boneheads on the first leg of the swimming, they would have totally won that.

Pre Tribal

Will it be the girls sticking together? Or will Kat turning on Monica get Monica voted out? Or Kat voted out because the ladies worry they can’t trust her? Monica actually confronts Kat as to what Kat has been talking about and Kat lies right to her face about bringing Monica’s name up, but they kiss and make up and it seems as though Vytas is now the person going home. Hmm.

Monica then talking-heads: “I teach my kids do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. But you know what? In ‘Survivor,’ it’s do unto others before they do unto you.” That’s pretty funny. And now Monica is rallying up votes for Kat.

Tribal Council

Jeff asks who is not getting along and Kat says she and Monica are having some issues, then it just devolves into them going back and forth the whole time about not trusting each other. Vytas has got to be doing a happy little dance in his head at this turn of events.

He also makes a very clever remark about not going into the merge with someone who has shown she can’t be trusted. Vytas is a gamer, it’d be fun to see him run the table.

During the vote, we only see Vytas vote for Kat. The votes go Vytas, Kat, Kat, Kat and Kat. Wow. It was hard to tell if the turning-on-Kat was for real or editing. No offense to her, but we don’t love her chances at Redemption.

Next week: A Katie-Vytas romance would be hilarious. It’s so adorable that Tina’s like, “Yeah!”

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