ciera survivor blood vs water out on a limb 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Will Monica go against Tyson and Gervase?When we last left “Survivor: Blood vs. Water,” Hayden made a desperate appeal for Ciera to swing her allegiance and she went for it, forcing herself, Tyson and Katie to draw rocks, sending Katie to Redemption Island. What will Monica do now?


Tyson is irritated that Gervase let it loose that Hayden was going home because Hayden had nothing to lose and his craziness worked. But Tyson loves the game, so he’s appreciative of the game play and the Tribal Council shenanigans. Tyson’s great. It’s not that I don’t want him to win, it’s just not fun to watch one person rule the roost all the way along.

However, Tyson finally has to reveal that he has the hidden Idol because Monica won’t shut up about Hayden or Ciera finding it. It doesn’t sit well with her that Tyson didn’t tell them before now. Will she consider changing sides? She has to know she won’t beat Tyson, even with all the Immunity wins under her belt — because she’s not a great strategic player.

In the morning, Ciera is pleased that she at least tried to make a move. They are also kind of counting on Laura coming back into the game. Well, no matter who it is, you’re going to gain an alliance member. Katie and Tina would both go with Hayden/Ciera, I think.

Redemption Island

Tina’s not sure if she can give much effort against her daughter in the duel, though the night before Katie told her to try her hardest. It remains to be seen if she can do it.

The challenge is constructing a pole to reach three keys and then unlocking some locks. Tina immediately gives Katie some advice about the best way to build her pole. Interestingly, that doesn’t bother me as much as Laura helping Tina solve her puzzle against Vytas because Tina has to shout it out and so Laura gets the advice too.

It hardly matters, though, as Laura gets her keys in short order and wins. Katie does pretty well (and you have to wonder how hard Tina tries), but Katie drops one of her keys in the sand and trying to pick up the key from the sand with the pole is extremely hard.

So Tina wins, reluctantly, but at that point, she probably would’ve had to quit to give Katie the win. Katie was totally screwed once her key dropped and that’s a shame.

They exchange I love yous and are both crying. Katie says she’s so proud of her mom. Laura then gives Ciera the clue to the Idol.


Back at camp, Ciera and Hayden go on a mad hunt for the Idol, but we all know that hardly matters. Though the fact that they can’t find it leads Hayden to wonder if Tyson already has it, so at least he’s got his head in the game.

Meanwhile, Gervase solidifies the alliance with Monica, where she seemingly acts like it’s the three of them to the end. But she says in a talking-head that she’s playing the game for herself. Well, if that’s true, you can’t take Tyson to the end, lady.

Immunity Challenge

It’s a swimming challenge with pushing a buoy along a rope for a distance in the water, then using letter tiles to spell out a “Survivor” phrase. The reward is ordering off a menu — steak, lobster, pizza, burger, etc. Mmmm.

Hayden and Tyson get out to an early lead in the swimming portion, but the phrase is proving tricky and everybody gets right back in it during the word puzzle. And Ciera, who was way behind in the swimming, gets the word puzzle — “You are going to have to dig deep.”

Good for you, lady. She’s making quite an argument these last two episodes to win the game if she gets to the finals.

Pre Tribal

Ciera chooses Hayden to eat with her, so they “crush” some food before Tribal. Heh. They discuss how they’re going to target Gervase because they suspect Tyson has the Idol, hoping that Monica will go along with them.

The big move for Ciera is to tell Monica that Tyson is talking mad crap about her, saying she’s his little puppy dog and whatnot, which he has. He’s said that he’s got Monica under control. And Monica doesn’t like hearing that, so she’s considering voting Gervase.

She does ask Ciera why Tyson would risk drawing rocks if he was loyal to her, but Ciera correctly points out that if she wasn’t goign to flip to Hayden (and she flat-out said she wasn’t), then if Tyson flips on Monica, he’s down in the numbers. So his chances are better, one out of three, to draw rocks.

Tribal Council

Hayden flashes his 1000-watt smile at Katie, because she’s looking mighty purty now that she’s all cleaned up. Heh. Oh, Hayden.

He and Ciera tell Jeff that they had to drop some truth bombs on Monica about how Tyson is keeping her around because he can beat her. Gervase points out that Hayden is just throwing trash at the wall to see what sticks because he’s on the bottom, which is true.

Ciera piles it on, saying that the guys have said “vicious” things about her. We aren’t sure we’d go that far. It’s not like they were talking about what a bad mother she is or something (not that she is, I’m using it as an example).

Gervase then kind of freaks out on Hayden and Ciera, wondering which one of them is in control in the alliance. What does that matter? And when there are only two, you generally just come to a consensus. Either way, Ciera keeps at it — “evil” things were said about Monica, according to Ciera. Not so much, but she is clearly affecting Monica.

Then Hayden brings her kids into it! Urging her to be a strong, confident woman who makes her own decisions. And that Tyson and Gervase are controlling her. It’s a great tactic to use to get her flip — will it work?

The votes go Hayden, Hayden, Gervase, Gervase and …… Hayden. So Monica stayed loyal. Interesting.

Well, Hayden already won a million dollars, but it’s been fun to watch him play. Maybe he’ll come back. At what point does the person re-enter the game? Will it be too late for Ciera? After last week and tonight, we’d love to see her win the game.

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