marissa peterson survivor blood vs water 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water's' Marissa Peterson: Brad 'said a lot of ignorant things' at timesMarissa Peterson is the latest “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” castaway to be sent home, after surviving on Redemption Island for several rounds. She tells Zap2it that Brad could be kind of offensive at times, but he’s a nice guy in general.

Are you glad you went on “Survivor,” even if you got sent to Redemption Island so early?

“Oh yeah, definitely. It was such a unique experience. Something that millions of people would die to be in my shoes for. I did not see being the first person voted out coming at all. I would’ve bet money before the game that that would not be me. Usually it’s someone who’s really annoying or sucks in the challenge and I was thinking that’s definitely not me. I was thinking Katie was going home … but that wasn’t the case.”

Why do you think you were targeted?

“I don’t know. That’s one thing I’ve been trying to think about. My tribe wanted to put the blame on Gervase but that just doesn’t make sense to me. … I didn’t think it was going to make Brad so furious. You played in the NFL for years and you’ve seen way worse than [Gervase gloating]. I was pretty shocked. … Everybody saw that Katie’s performance was terrible and I thought my performance was part of the reason we were in the lead. Maybe because I’m different from them? I don’t really know.”

What was Brad really like? Sometimes he seems so nice and sometimes he seems like kind of a bully.

“He is a nice person to a certain extent. … but when he’s talking about ‘we have five guys — well, four guys and a gay guy,’ comments like that were made non-stop and nobody would say anything about it. It was little things like that that kept getting underneath my skin. I can’t believe you’re 40-something years old and you act like this all the time. … I just feel like he doesn’t have a filter. I know I was probably shown as not having a filter, but I felt like he said a lot of ignorant things that were offensive to me. … The first time that he spoke to me, he asked me if I played basketball. Just because I’m black are you asking me if I play basketball? That’s crazy. That was just one thing that got me kind of riled up, but I didn’t say anything. He is the powerful one right now so I’m not going to show that I don’t like him.”

What did you think of Colton quitting?

“That whole episode was pretty crazy. I wasn’t expecting that. … I was definitely happy because to me, that’s one less person that I have to worry about. But it did kind of suck because people put in a lot to get here and gave up a lot, but I guess he was doing what he felt like he needed to do. Luckily, he has someone like Caleb who wasn’t judging him like the rest of America was.”

Did you have any ill will towards Gervase for not taking your place on Redemption Island?

“Ummm, surprisingly no. … I always thought ‘Survivor’ was his game, I was just glad to be brought along for the ride. I felt like it was an individual game. I know the couples who have shared bank accounts are more like one person, but I saw it as an individual game. He gave me the opportunity to play my own game. Overall, I’m glad that things happened the way they did ’cause they happened for a reason.”

You lasted a decent amount of time on Redemption Island, what was the hardest challenge you did there?

“The hardest challenge was by far the duel between Candice, Rachel and I because with Colton quitting … they didn’t show how long the three of us were standing out there even before we started. We were out there an hour before we even started the duel because people were talking back and forth. Then we start the duel and it takes me and Rachel forever [to finish].

I was feeling so delirious and Rachel told me later she thought I was about to pass out. Afterwards, I ended up throwing up and then I fainted outside the duel area. That was the most physically trying thing I’ve ever done in my life. But then the next one, that dang puzzle that I couldn’t get, that was really hard too. That was the time I wished I had a Ph.D like my competitors [laughs].”

Who did you think was in the best position in the game when you were eliminated?

“I would say on my tribe, definitely Vytas and Hayden ’cause they seem like they have been able to steer clear of everything, all of the fire. Katie’s name comes up, CIera’s name comes up and then Caleb’s name is coming up, but they are the ones who are able to call the shots. They’re keeping a low profile but still able to control the show. I feel like they’re in the best positions right now.”

“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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