survivor-cagayan-beauty-tribe-CBS.jpg“Survivor: Cagayan” got off to a rip-roaring start last week, with the Brains struggling and then orchestrating the first blindside of the season — on a guy with an Idol. Oops.

The Brains

Spencer can’t believe the women hated Garrett enough to keep the crazy woman who dumped the rice in the fire. But his impromptu group session and trying to run roughshod over everyone rubbed them all the wrong way and he dug his own grave.

Tasha and Kass admit that it would have been J’Tia going home before Garrett got all in-their-face about it. When Spencer is off doing something, the women agree they’re going to stick together now.

The Brawn

Tony admits to Sarah that he was cop and she’s like, “Um, no kidding, dude.” Iin the morning, they make a “blue blood” alliance and it feels very sincere on both sides, though Tony privately says he’s not sure he can trust her.

The Beauty

Also in the morning, a horrible storm blows through, which looks miserable, but the Beauties in particular are not handling it well. Jefra is crying like she’s been marooned after her ocean liner sank or something. Hey, sweetie? At worst, you’ll be there a month. And guess what? You aren’t gonna be there that long.

The guys of the tribe are rankled that the pretty girls aren’t putting in any effort to help reinforce the shelter. Well, it’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that everything isn’t going to just be done for you because you’re good-looking.

But guess who isn’t just a pretty face? LJ. He finds the Hidden Immunity Idol, based on when they got to camp and he spotted Morgan returning to camp from over by the rocks. Pretty astute, LJ.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge is tossing water to one another via buckets to fill a barrel, which will get them a ball that they then use in a vertical maze. That’s neat, I don’t believe we’ve seen a vertical maze before. The challenge designers on this show are so clever.

The Beauties are terrific at the water-passing and finish that portion in the lead with the Brawnies hot on their heels. Poor Brainiacs. They … kind of suck at everything, you guys.

The Brawnies manage to take the lead on the maze and win the challenge, with the Brainiacs making a huge burst on the maze to take second place. Hey, good for them!


At the Brawnies, Tony raids the reward stuff to get his hands on the Idol clue. He already has the Hidden Idol, but he doesn’t want anybody else to go looking for it and realize it’s gone.

Meanwhile, at the Beauties, I was thinking it was a foregone conclusion to lop off one of the dead-weight girls, but LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra and Alexis want to take Brice out. Oh no! Brice is the best one over there, which is, of course, why they are targeting him.

However, Jeremy is playing both sides. He has aligned with Brice and Morgan (or at least they think he has), so Morgan is working hard on Jefra to flip and vote out Alexis. Hmmm. However, in talking to Jefra, Morgan spells it all out about Jeremiah playing both sides and Jefra is confused — you can almost literally see her doing the long division in her head about where Jeremiah’s loyalties lie.

So she runs back to Jeremiah and asks him who they’re voting for and he says Brice. But then Jefra and Alexis think they should split the votes just in case Morgan or Brice has the Hidden Idol, so now it’s going to be a three-way tie. Jeremiah has a choice to make — a three-way tie and a re-vote, or go with Morgan and Brice and get Alexis out.

Tribal Council

Jeff Probst asks Morgan if any of the cliches associated with beauty are coming out in their tribe and she ditzes, “Yeah, I mean, we’ve got good-looking faces, so I mean, what can I say? I like it. Sorry, there’s a bug in my hair.” *headsmack*  Um, it’s kind of awesome that one of the exact cliches Probst was referring to was just demonstrated in a question about pretty-people cliches.

Brice then calls out the four-person alliance that leaves Brice and Morgan on the outside. Then in the span of about 60 seconds, Brice says “talk on the town” three times and Morgan then says someone can “stab you in the back and you can’t even see it.”

Oof, let’s get this tribe merged with somebody. This Tribal Council was painful to watch.

The vote ends up going Alexis, Brice, Morgan, Alexis, Brice and Morgan, so it’s a three-way tie. Time for Jeremiah, LJ and Jefra to re-vote. The second vote goes Brice and Brice. Bummer. He was defintiely the most interesting person at the Beauty tribe, it’s a shame the guys decided they’d rather align with pretty-but-dumb women.

Next week: A blindfold challenge, yes! Are the Brawnies going to throw it? That … is not a good decision.

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